11th monthsary quotes for him and her

11th Monthsary Quotes for Him and Her

Happiness can be created by living in the moment and enjoying every moment of joy, love and serenity, make sure you enjoy and celebrate the moment of your monthsary wholeheartedly and uniquely and show your lover how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate their presence in your life

1. It is just a month from a year in this relationship and I am so excited already cos it feels as if I am 11 years older in this relationship. Happy 11th monthsary to us.

2. I would not take any chances of choosing another person when I have you by m side. I will forever love you no matter what.

3. Look at me and tell me what you see. I am like a queen sitting on her throne and commanding my maids and servants. You made that happen to me.

4. You know that I will never be like this if you didn’t come to my life right. I want to say thank you for coming into my life to stay for good.

5. You have added meaning to my life and that is because you are happiness itself. Thanks for adding meaning to my life.

6. Actually, my life was supposed to be incomplete but you made it complete because you want me to remain happy for the rest of my life.

7. It is not because I am so lucky to be here but because you are the man meant for me from the very beginning. You are the best.

8. Thank God that you came my way and I am so excited that you approached me with so much love and care. You are so amazing my dear.

9. Do you know that I have all that I want in you, nothing in this world can take your place in me and that is a promise.

10. I have seen life in you and I will never flee away from you because I know that my life will be complete with you in my life.

11. The 11th month of our relationship is so extraordinary and I am really happy that I am celebrating this day with you my darling.

12. Nothing has ever told me to love you before, I chose to and it is just because you deserve more than that anyway. I love you.

13. I don’t think that anyone can take your place in my life because you are everything that a woman needs in her life my darling.

14. You have not done what I want you to do this day and I look forward to seeing you at my house making me feel like a man.

15. I know that we live like couples and are not yet couples but I can assure you that I will soon put a ring on that your wonderful finger.

16. I am not aware that I have a good woman in my life until today. You have made sure that I remain happier for the rest of my life.

17. Even if I am still far from you, I didn’t see it cos I believe that someday I will bring you closer to me because I love you a lot.

18. You are all that I want and desire and I will never stop loving you no matter what cos you are my perfect lady. Happy 11th monthsary to you dear.

19. You have not changed a bit ever since we started, in fact, you are increasing your way of loving and caring about me daily.

20. So many of my exes are married and I am so worried that I would lose you to cos you are better than all of them.

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21. Happiness has always located me ever since we met and I am indeed lucky to have you in my life, my dear. I love you so much.

22. Since we met, all I have been experiencing is joy and gladness and they came to me because of you. I love you a lot.

23. If there is a word bigger than love, I would use it on you because you deserve more than love itself. Happy 11th monthsary.

24. 11 months is a long time for a serious relationship so I ask you today to be my worthy wife cos you are surely the best ever.

25. You may not understand what you have brought to me but I can tell you in whatever form my dear. You are the sweetest ever my lady.

26. I have everything a man needs to be happy cos you have done everything possible to make me so happy. Happy 11th monthsary dear.

27. You have turned my life around and I am so lucky that I found you finally. I wish to announce to you that you are so amazing.

28. You are all that makes a man happy and happier than he should be. I am extremely happy today because of you my darling.

29. You would not understand that you are the best until I tell you. You are more than gold and diamond to me and I love you.

30. It looks as if I don’t mean it but I seriously want you to know that you are everything that I desire in my life. Happy 11th monthsary dear.

31. Some people got married at their 6th monthsary and separated a few months after that but I want you to know that I am trying to make you mine forever and ever.

32. Baby in these eleven months your love has been the best refreshment in my life. I feel refreshed in your love and care my darling.

33. I must confess that there is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing that you are right next to me. Happy 11th monthsary dear.

34. I am…. No, I want to…… no, I have…..no, I feel….. What is trying to say is that you make me feel like a boss for the past 11 months.

35. The truth is that there are millions of women out there but none of them is as sweet as you. Happy 11th monthsary to you my lady.

36. You may not understand but all my life I kept wondering why am so lucky to meet a good woman like you. I love you.

37. I have been so unlucky to find a good woman, I found you, and you are so different from the rest of them.

38. My world would have been incomplete without you as a partaker of it. I am so lucky that I have you in my life. Happy 11th monthsary.

39. Happy monthsary my beautiful queen, am so happy to have you in my life, in fact, am the luckiest man the world. Love you.

40. I am happy to have you in my life and knowing that together we will conquer everything that is in our way, I feel alright.

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41. I am so excited because I know that since I have you in my life and that we are in this together. We are better than alright.

42. For the past 11 months, you have been there for me even when the world turns their back at me.Happy 11th monthsary to us dear.

43. The prayers I said before found you and the day I found you, in particular, made me realize that God answers prayers. You are my prayer answered.

44. You are all that one needs to be with and I am jealous of everyone who is with you because they will gain a lot from you.

45. When I wasn’t there with you, I felt that you would never come my way, but now I am so glad that I have you for 11 months today.

46. I know that lots of people want to take the ride with me on this journey of relationship but it was not possible because they are not like me.

47. Even though others left me, you never left me, you stood by me when I had nothing and gave me so much love. I love you truly.

48. What will I possibly give you to award you for the so much love that you have showered on me? Happy 11th monthsary dear.

49. Do you have an idea of what you meant to me? You don’t else you would carry yourself so high that you are treasured by me.

50. Indeed my heart was empty and was filled with agony, you came to me and all these things disappeared. I love you, dearest.

51. You came into life and lit the darkest part of my life and you make me feel more alive. God bless my king for me. I love you.

52. You are my inspiration and my modification. How can I ever forget your existence in my life? You are the key to my happiness.

53. I want you to know that you are the unique creature I ever met, you are the prince among princes. Happy monthsary.

54. It is just you and me against the world. We can move a mountain with our love. Together there is nothing we cannot do.

55. For the past 11 months, you have made me feel unique and I feel so important. Thanks for coming into my life and I love you.

56. You have always wanted me to be happier and I have never felt that a day would come that I would get tired of you.

57. Try to imagine you and me against the world, I believe that it would be super awesome. Happy 11th monthsary my queen. I love you.

58. You know that you are just like an angel, you have touched my heart and make me feel complete and I love you a lot.

59. No matter what happens, you should be aware that you own me, and nothing will ever take your place in my life cos I love you.

60. I know that when we are together, we are stronger. Nobody can make us feel weaker or less important to my lady.

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61. For the past 11 months, there is nothing in this universe that can tie us apart. Happy 11th monthsary to the king of my heart.

62. For the past 11 months, I think of you as if there is no tomorrow, I hope that you have not done anything to me. You are the key to my heart.

63. I enjoy every kiss from you because it is like fresh honey and it breathes taking. I will forever love to be kissing you till eternity.

64. I planned to be a player for real and to live you when I must have gotten what I wanted but I couldn’t live you because you captured my heart.

65. I was down and lonely but when you came into my life, you raised me up and gave me everything I have always wanted.

66. I didn’t know that I could learn everything about the relationship until I met you, it doesn’t take much to learn anyway, though because of you.

67. I have realized that my life is not just mine to live but for both of us. Thank God that you are the partner I need to spend the rest of my life.

68. I don’t think that you can ever change again cos everything you do seem the same to me and even every day seems the same as well.

69. Though every moment seems like this moment will always be unique because this day, 11 months ago, we became dearer to each other.

70. I am happy to meet you but I felt the world belongs to me the moment your thought took over me. I am proud to be your darling.

71. It has been 11 months of meaningful living with each other and I am so lucky to have you in my life because you make me a better person.

72. I want you to know that I am so lucky to have you in my life and every time you are with me, you bring a great smile to me. I love you.

73. I thought the qualities you possess don’t exist in the world but today its 11 months that we met and for 11 months, you proved me wrong.

74. Everything I have done is because you led me to it which has made loving you to be a privilege, I am happy to meet you, darling.

75. What has happened to me is something I cannot explain to anyone because you are my one in a million girl and I love you so much.

76. I cast my burden on you yet you never complained. Who are you my darling? You have been like a semi-god in my life. Happy 11th monthsary my king.

77. You have always encouraged me with statements like “you can do better my honey” thanks for the advises and encouragements.

78. What made me love you is what I cannot explain because you have made me realize that I am useful to myself and anyone else.

79. I will even go to the extent of killing anyone who tries to take you away from me. Happy 11th monthsary to us.

80. Until you agree to my terms, I will never live you. Marry me please my darling and I will let you be. I love you, sweetie.

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81. Those who came to your life and left you are at lost because they couldn’t see what I saw in you and stayed. You are the best.

82. Till you become my husband, I would not tell you what you have made me become as your girl. I love you too much.

83. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me because you have done too much to be just appreciated for.

84. I am just like a celebrity because of how I am held high in society. You can imagine what people think about me right now.

85. People feel that I am a heroine for winning your heart and for staying in love with you for 11 months now.

86. I want to thank you for making it possible for me to be respected among my equals dear. You are so amazing and I love you.

87. The truth is that I will not allow anyone to take you away from me dear for you have made my life a better place to stay.

88. Look at how you have changed me to become someone great within 11 months. Happy 11 months monthsary darling.

89. Nothing in this world can take you away from me because you are a darling, my sweetie. Happy 11th monthsary my love.

90. Do you see how wonderful life has turned out for me and it is all because of you my love? You are very amazing dear.

91. What would I have done without you by my side? You will always remain in my heart my darling. I love you a lot.

92. Do you know that if I didn’t meet you before now, I would have been a wanderer because I wouldn’t have found love elsewhere aside from you?

93. I don’t think that I would have made it this far if you were not there for me all these while. I love you greatly.

94. The truth is that you are my secret. I would have been stocked somewhere in this relationship but you didn’t allow that to happen.

95. I really don’t know what to call you now cos you are all that I desire and that is too long to call you dear one. I love you so much.

96. You have succeeded in winning my heart within the range of eleven months and you have surprised me with that.

97. It is the truth I say today to you. You are the brain behind this relationship and I am lucky to have you in my life.

98. You are the reason why I have not told you that I might die if you live me cos you will be stocked with me forever.

99. If I tell you that you are the best, you might not want to continue again. I just want to say happy 11th monthsary dear.

100. I would do anything for you even if it means taking my life away from me cos you have sacrificed a lot like my boyfriend.

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101. Your love for me is making me believe that you would be a good husband when the time comes. Am in love with you.

102. I am so sure that you have acted well as my girl and I know that you will become even better when I marry you.

103. Every sign you show me is making me love you even more and more cos you are the best girl ever. Happy 11th monthsary dear.

104. The truth is that I don’t want to know how many people are not happy with the way I love you. I love you so much.

105. All I want people to say is that you have found your soulmate and I will remain glad forever because you have won.

106. What type of woman are you my honey? Do you know that you are tempting me to marry you now? Marry me my darling.

107. I don’t care whether it is just an eleven months relationship, all I know is that you will make a greater wife than anyone has ever gotten.

108. I have tried to change to test you but you didn’t change at all. I know that if I marry you today you will not change.

109. Only within 11 months, I can say how loving you are to me because it is real. I will love you till I die and that is a promise.

110. I hope you don’t mind that hugs and kisses are just my little way to say that I love and miss you. Happy 11th monthsary my queen.

111. I will still send hugs and kisses to you even while you are not around me to keep you warm and happy. Happy 11th monthsary my queen.

112. Work has kept me far from you but the fact that I am too busy working to make a living doesn’t mean that I don’t have you in mind.

113. The truth is that you are always on my mind and that is why I want to say happy 11th monthsary, my angel.

114. Each time I see you looking at the mirror, it makes me feel as if I don’t take care of you in a proper way. Or do I?

115. I assume that you don’t need to doubt me because you are so amazing and very attractive even without make-up.

116. I would want you to know that you made me happy within the 11th month of our relationship. I love you so much.

117. Whatever any man has done to you, I am here to make it up to you because you deserve a better man. I love you so much.

118. I want to tell you my darling that you are the best and thanks for making this 11th month of our relationship a wonderful one my angel.

119. Our 11th-month relationship has been filled with fun, love and care and I really want that to continue between us cos I enjoyed it so much.

120. Even though it has been rough in this month, you have not allowed us to go down at all because you have this relationship at heart.

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121. Even if you live me, I will keep searching for you over and over again if there is another world out there for us to come again.

122. You are the most amazing woman that I have come across all my life. I wish us a happy 11th monthsary my darling.

123. The most amazing thing that has ever happened to me is the fact that I met you in the right way. I love you dearly.

124. You have loved me ever since we met and I am so happy to have you in my life. I love you a lot dear.

125. The truth is that I love you a lot and that will not change even in months to come cos you are all that I ever needed and wanted.

126. You wouldn’t have been my man if you had not talked to me after approaching me. Thank God you did anyway.

127. I wouldn’t have accepted you if you had not asked me out. I am indeed lucky to have you in my life. Happy 11th monthsary dear.

128. Everything was possible because you made the move to have me in your life.Happy 11th monthsary to the king of my heart.

129. I am ready to do anything that will keep you as mine forever. This month has been the most exciting month of my life.

130. Everything that is happening to me is only happening because I have you in my life and I am so happy about that darling.

131. Ever since I met you, I learnt to forgive because I have realized that it was because of their hurt that I found you. Happy 11th monthsary dear.

132. I want you to believe anything says to you because loving you is actually an opportunity I got from you.

133. If you had not granted my wish of loving you, I wouldn’t have been this happy to be in the position of your heart.

134. I hope that soon I would be exactly what you want so that when I come to ask for your hand in marriage you would accept me quickly.

135. If you live me, I would not survive it. I really cannot do without you in my life my queen and happy 11th monthsary to us.

136. I know that I have not been the best person in this relationship and I didn’t know that you could actually fall in love with me.

137. You never liked me yet you gave me a trial, how lucky I am to have you in my life. I am so happy that I won your heart finally.

138. If you didn’t accept me, you wouldn’t have loved me enough. Thanks for loving me this much. I would love you until I die.

139. Life has been why I met you and you are the reason for my existence and I believe that when I marry you, I would be happier.

140. I only wish that you will become my wife now and always cos I truly love you. Happy 11th monthsary my queen.

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141. The truth is that even a book won’t be enough to say how much I feel about you cos I feel so much for you.

142. Happy 11th monthsary to my angel. I am really happy to have you in my life and I pray that this relationship lasts forever.

143. I became jealous of the woman you dated but now I am here, I don’t even know that you had anyone before me.

144. I never knew that I could fall so deep with you until I started and now, happy 11th monthsary to us my darling.

145. I really don’t want to stop falling for you cos it’s been wonderful for eleven months now my darling and I am happier.

146. When you finally accepted me as your man, I felt that I have achieved so much already. You are always on my mind my darling.

147. You are still the one I would desire to be with every day in a thousand years to come. Happy 11th monthsary to us dearest.

148. I have tasted 11 months with you already and I know how it will feel like if you become my wife. I love you so much.

149. You are my life and I hope that you know that without you I am useless. Please with me forever cos I don’t want to be useless.

150. I have stopped hunting because thousands of women added together can never be compared to you alone. I love you.

151. You are the angel of my life and knowing you have completely made me the man with an angel in his life. Sweetie, I admire you.

152. I cannot place anyone else where people like you belong because you are a perfect being in my life. Happy anniversary my queen.

153. I asked God to give a girl but he gave me an angel, I asked God to give me a woman but he gave me a wife.

154. How could I have gone this far without your aid? You stood by me and made sure that I achieve all I have ever needed.

155. The first day you kissed me, I was lost in thought because I didn’t know whether I was still alive or not. I love you.

156. All I know is that you are the best man on earth who has kissed me and has made me his woman. Happy 11th monthsary.

157. The truth is that I happen to be happy today because of you and I happen to be in a relationship today because of you.

158. You provided yourself for me to become a compactable partner. All I know is that I love you greatly. Happy 10th monthsary dear.

159. I have promised to love you and adore you till eternity. All I desire is in you my darling and I will never stop loving a king like you.

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160. I know that you are wondering why I had to promise you heaven and earth. It is because all I have known ever since I met is to love.

161. I must confess that am done with searching for the right woman that can become my wife because I have found you.

162. You have been the woman I have been searching for and I am so glad that I found you finally. Happy 11th monthsary dear.

163. All I think about is you because you are always on my mind and I don’t want that to change at all. I love you.

164. I told everyone that I have someone better than anyone is so nobody should bother me about getting me.

165. I feel as if I have known you for my entire life. Just one month of our relationship has proved to me that I have truly gotten my wife in you. You are so amazing.

166. I have never been connected to anyone the way I am connected to you. Your presence in my life has made me feel happy.

167. When I stare into your eyes I suddenly feel like I am at home. It shines brightly and attracts me to you and it makes me feel as if I should marry you now cos I love you.

168. Today is our 11th monthsary, I hope you like this text. I love you more than ever my angel and happy monthsary to us.

169. I feel like the happiest man in this world and it is because I have your love and we are fulfilling our 11thmonth as boyfriend and girlfriend.

170. I thought that this month would not come to an end today but the fact is that it has to so that we can count more months of our relationship.

171. I feel so much in love with my life since I have found you and since I have found you, thank God that I did.

172. I have found my life since I have found you and nothing will change that. Happy 11th monthsary baby.

173. I never knew that a love like ours could flourish in such a short space of time, thank God it did and I love you.

174. Honestly, it feels like I have been blessed to fall in love with someone who is also my best friend. How lucky I am today.

175. You are my woman and at the same time my best friend. Happy 11t monthsary, my darling. I love you so much.

176. Anytime I think about you I realize that I have gotten a gift that no other man has gotten before. Happy 11th monthsary my lady.

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