2nd Monthsary Message for Long Distance Relationship

2nd Monthsary Message for Long Distance Relationship

2nd Monthsary message for long distance relationship for boyfriend and girlfriend, I know is not always easy to stay without someone whom you love most, I want you to know that you are always in my thought and I love you with all my heart. the distance between us will not break the love I have for you, it only makes it stronger.

1. I have never known that this type of thing will happy to me cos I preached against it. I miss you too much darling and happy 2nd monthsary to us, darling.

2. I searched for you gently and I found you but I didn’t know that I would be here and you will be there in this relationship.

3. I am not happy about this at all darling. You are there and I am here is something that makes me unhappy so much.

4. If you keep me here like this, what will people say about this relationship? Do you think I want this relationship to be like this?

5. I am not staying any longer for you, you better come back to me else I will come to you there. That is a threat.

6. You have been seeing that missing you is becoming a sickness to me yet you don’t want to change about it at all. I miss you.

7. You have not made me see the peace of mind since we started this relationship. Don’t you think that it is high time now?

8. I will never stop loving you because even your absence makes me stronger in love with you darling.

9. I think that I am so strong for you in this relationship and I am still waiting for you to return back to me.

10. You know that I am a little bit annoyed with you right? You better come back to me else I will not be happy with you again.

11. You are not aware that I am missing you right? I am seriously missing you and I am not grateful about that at all.

12. You know meeting you never opened up to me that I would miss you for even two months right? I miss you a lot.

13. I have fallen sick and I am really not happy about it because you are the person making me sick. Come back and I will be well again.

14. Do you know that I am not what you want then why did you start this relationship in the first place? Better come back to me now.

15. I will not allow you to stay there any longer cos I have fallen sick simply because I am so sick dear. Please come back.

16. I am beginning to be annoyed with you and that is because missing you is not what I want to do at all. Come back, my baby.

17. You know that I am not happy that I am here for 2 months now. What do you intend to achieve by leaving me here?

18. I am not ready to keep you there forever. I working thing out to make you my wife soon and that is a promise.

19. You cannot be left alone there for a longer time than this. I will forever miss you and that is a promise if you are not here.

20. While you were about living me, I knew that it will take this long and I told you but you never listened to me.

2nd Monthsary Message for Couple Long Distance Relationship

21. If I don’t pick your call, please don’t be angry with me cos I am meant to be seen and not to just talk. I miss you a lot and happy 2nd monthsary.

22. Even in your absence dear, I am still here celebrating our monthsary. Though I am not happy about it anyway.

23. Missing you has become a daily routine for me and I really don’t like it anyway. You better come back to me before I get mad.

24. People say that I am mad and I have no self-respect again. This is all because of your absence. Please come back to me, darling.

25. I have not seen any man better than you are but they will soon be better than you if you don’t come back to me.

26. I have not seen you for 2 months now. Don’t you pity me and come back to me? I miss you madly my king.

27. Women are not the only people that miss others. Men miss others as well. You will continue to be in my heart darling.

28. I just wish that you are here to make me smile once again. It is actually a while since I last smiled and laughed.

29. You won’t understand until I tell you, darling. I had not been eating well because you have not been present here.

30. I am becoming slimmer and thinner now because you have refused to come back to me. I wish you a happy 2nd monthsary dear.

31. It is mostly dead people the miss in this manner, but I miss you so much as if you are now a dead person. I miss you like a lot.

32. I have gotten all that I wanted except that you are not here to enjoy it with me. I miss you a lot darling.

33. I want to come back but work will not allow me. I don’t keep missing you like this again.

34. You have had enough time to spend outside now. 2 months is enough to come back to me, baby.

35. You have not seen what people say about me and that is why you have refused to come to me. I miss you.

36. You know that I am not happy about this right? But I will still hold on for you cos you are sweeter.

37. Even though you are all that I want now, work will never allow me to see except during holidays. I miss you.

38. I miss your touch, your smile, your romance, your quick smile and many others darling. You are so amazing, sweetie.

39. Even in your absence, I feel that I am still in love with you cos I am so into you darling. Come back soon darling.

40. You have completely lost it darling. You don’t even remember that you kept me here waiting for you isn’t it?

Monthsary Message for Boyfriend Long Distance

41. Missing you is all I kept doing everyday which is bad for our relationship. Please come back for my sake.

42. If there is nothing that will bring you to me, then let the moments we shared make you to come back to me.

43. I want to have the sweetest moments ever. Cos I miss those things you used to do to me that makes me laugh harder.

44. You have not seen that I am fallen sick. Why don’t you come back and check me? I will fight you f you don’t take your time.

45. You have made me feel as if I am the only person in this relationship that is missing my partner. I miss you and I won’t deny it.

46. You have no idea how much I miss you in this place. You have to come back to me on time.

47. You promised that it won’t take long before you come back to me. Now you have decide to stay away from me.

48. I have not known that I would be far from you this long yet until you tell me yourself that you won’t be back to see me again.

49. You have simply forgotten how happier we were when you were here with me. Now see we are celebrating 2nd monthsary apart.

50. I have decided that I will not send you any text message again, cos you are not for the message but for seeing.

51. If I get tired of missing you, I will pack my loads and come to your place cos I am not a tree.

52. Do you think that I will be happier than usual? I won’t because you have left me to my unhappy moments.

53. I don’t think that God answers prayers again. I think that I am praying and I am not receiving the answers cos you are still absent.

54. I will be happy if you had told me that I would see you again but you didn’t say so cos you know that I would celebrate our 2nd
monthsary alone.

55. I have been here for 2 months today and you expect me to be happy with you? No way, if you want me to be happier, then come back.

56. I may be troubling you a lot concerning your absence. It is because I miss you a lot darling.

57. You have no idea what it feels like to be away from your girl for a long time. I miss you a lot that I get angry with myself.

58. You know that things like this end up making us stronger. You are all that I ever wanted my darling.

59. You have made me proud sweetie apart from coming back to spend time with me.

60. I am not angry with you but I am unhappy that you refused to come back to me for a long time now.

Sweet Monthsary Quotes for Boyfriend Long Distance

61. I don’t really care about my work anymore, all I want to do is to come to see you soon cos I love you a lot.

62. There is no point staying here alone because you are all that I want to see right now. Happy 2nd monthsary to us.

63. I have not made a mistake by loving you, all I have done that is wrong is living you behind.

64. If you want to be angry, all I know is that you have left me to be alone again for another monthsary.

65. What are you, sweetie? A tree or a plank? I don’t understand why you have not come back to me yet. I miss you.

66. I have not made anything ever since I left and I believe that it is because I made you angry by living.

67. I will soon be back darling. It is just a month further and I will be standing right next to you with a smile on my face.

68. You have made me happier than I used to be and I am happy that I am here with the hope that I would see you by tomorrow.

69. Do have any idea how much I miss you? I know that you don’t at all cos I don’t tell you that your absence is bad.

70. This is not what I planned for or bargained for. You left without saying goodbye to me darling.

71. I don’t have time to even call you so we can talk, that is how bad the work has become but I will change darling.

72. I will come back for your sake sweetie and if the time for me to live reaches, I will still stay with you.

73. You know that I still have to work and keep us going right? I will soon be back and that is a promise, my dear.

74. I see a lot of difference in your presence and your absence and I really don’t intend to keep missing you like this.

75. I need a lot of money honey but I want you in my life a lot more cos you showed me the way to this itself.

76. If you refuse to come back, I will still a bit longer then run back to you cos I can’t stay alone any longer my darling.

77. I have everything that I have always wanted but I have not spent time with you even though it is not a planned attitude.

78. God has not signed me to be apart from you for this long and I am not really happy about it myself.

79. Missing is what I didn’t plan to do but it is all happening so fast. Please stay with me until I come back.

80. You and I need to settle this dispute between us and you know it is because you are away from me.

Romantic 2nd Monthsary Quotes for Girlfriend Long Distance

81. I will be angry with you except if you decide to be with me from now on. I can’t stay longer than two months away from you.

82. You have chosen to be alone with yourself there and I don’t know why anyway. I will still be here waiting for you.

83. You have made me see a lot of things I didn’t plan to see and it is because you are not here darling.

84. I am still unaware of your absence and that is why I am still bearing it. Else I would have left long ago. I miss you.

85. You have chosen your work instead of me and I am not complaining at all. Though I would soon start complaining.

86. You have changed things about my existence and that is why I am still here for you my darling.

87. Someday I will come running to you and surprise you cos I am so tired of my stay here alone.

88. You know that I am not happy with you yet you have decided to be away from me for this long.

89. I am so unhappy that I cannot reach your place in just an hour. You better come back to me my darling.

90. I wouldn’t do a thing if you don’t come to me but I would be unhappy though. I miss you a lot my darling.

91. I hope that I am not going to be a widow soon after we are married cos of your absence. I am tired of this.

92. Do you know that my love for you is reducing? Please come back to me so that we won’t have any reason to lose each other.

93. I was happier when we met because we wanted to be together but I am now unhappy because you didn’t keep your promise to me.

94. We were supposed to be together and I am not aware that it will take 2 months before we see again.

95. If you are not careful with me, I will do what will surprise you. I want to be with you from now on.

96. Missing is a something I never wanted to experience at all but I finally did and I am not happy about it.

97. Come back darling and let me have a bit of rest of mind cos I know that I would only rest when you are with me.

98. I am not ready for this separation at a tender age. I will live you if you don’t come back to me.

99. You have made me realized that we can make relationships work even from a distance cos we are practising it now.

100. Life has presented itself to me in a bitter form cos we are apart honey. I miss you a lot.

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111. You know that if you are here, I won’t have any reason to be alone at all. I miss you a lot my king.

112. You really have no idea at all how much I miss you cos I am not complaining to you at all. Happy 2nd monthsary.

113. I am not happy that we celebrating this apart and that is what I fear in most relationships.

114. You have no idea what you mean to me else you would return to me so fast.

115. I don’t care that I am here alone, all I care is that you don’t even check on me when necessary sweetie.

116. You know that I am here waiting for you because I am still in love with you darling.

117. I was hoping that you would come back to me soon enough but you didn’t because you are still not aware that I am here.

118. Are you even aware that I am here and you are there? I don’t think so else you would return to me.

119. I have all that I wanted from you and only that will make me happy if you were here with me.

120. Do you think that I want to keep sending this text to you? I am tired of sending them to you.

a sweet 2nd monthsary message for him long distance relationship

121. If you don’t want to come back to me then let me know so that I can start up a better life.

122. I wonder why you don’t understand that I missing you a lot. Come stay with me and remember that you are all that I want to hear.

123. I am not ready to have you in my life and in your absence cos, I really want to be alive for some time.

124. Why do you want to stay away from me for this long? Don’t you know that I am missing you a lot?

125. Whoever is telling you that I am fine here is lying to you. Missing you is the sickness I suffer from daily.

126. If you want me alive for you, you better come to me and make me realize that you still love me.

127. I am not ready because I didn’t know that we will celebrate this monthsary apart again. Please come back to me.

128. You need to know that I am missing you a lot so that you will come back to me.

129. I know that it is work that has kept you away since but you must know that I miss you a lot.

130. I am turning into something else baby. Two months without you is not okay and you know it.

131. You have chosen to be with me because you are right about me. I love and miss people a lot and that includes you.

132. You have no idea what it is like to miss you here in this place. The earlier you come to be the better for both of us. Happy monthsary to us.

133. You have not told me why you need to tell people that you are not coming again. Don’t you know that they will laugh at me?

134. Having known that you are all that I desire in my life. I have decided to let you know that I am seriously in love with you.

135. Even though missing you is the important thing I want to say, I still want you to know that I will still be here waiting for your arrival darling.

136. Do you that when the night breeze blows my hair, I imagined they are your kisses, and I never want to forget you at all.

137. I want to confess that when the morning light envelopes me, I imagine they are your embraces. I miss your hugs and kisses.

138. Being away from you is the hardest thing I have to do. I just can’t do a thing except to wait until your return. Happy monthsary dear.

139. You know even though your arms aren’t here to hold me but your love keeps me warm. I love you even in your absence.

140. I have to say that I miss you a lot darling. Your absence brings me a lot of pain but I will wait for you till you return.

Happy 2nd Monthsary Message for a Lover

141. Wherever you want to be in this world is the place I also want to be. I love to be by your side all day long.

142. If I had ten thousand tongues to tell you how much you mean to me, it would never be enough to tell you how much you mean to me.

143. When I love someone, I love the person completely, and when I want to spend the rest of my life with them, I do it freely.

144. Evil days are gone when those that are in love are disturbed. Now we have the right to love whoever we want to love.

145. Anytime I remember how and what we have gone through to be here today, I see that we have a simpler road to pass through.

146. You are brighter than the moon itself and when you shine, I see God’s greatness in our love and family. I love you.

147. I wanted to get married in a year time but instead, I got married 4 years ago. Now I see a lot of difference in it. I love you.

148. If getting married has always been like this, I would have gotten married to you even as a child. I love you so very much my darling

149. If marriage has always been this simple and not complex, then our parents and grandparents would have enjoyed their homes better than us.

150. People have been asking me why I didn’t show them the way I followed to get you but I didn’t answer because I used the same road they all followed.

151. Would you have married me as a child if God permitted you to? I would do so because I love being married to you.

152. What shall I render to God for giving me a wonderful husband like you? Nothing can be enough to prove that I am grateful for your gift.

153. The gift of someone like you in my life has been the best gift that I have ever received. And I pray that you last forever.

154. If God is planning to take you away from me, I would beg him continuously until he allows you to stay with me much longer.

155. Take me to your heart, take me to your soul cos I feel that is where I belong as your wife today and always. Happy anniversary love.

156. I am surely aware that I am so much in love with you and that is why I couldn’t live you even after 2 months of your absence.

157. You know that I would be happy if you stay with me. Please come home to daddy cos I miss you a lot.

158. Baby, you are a woman and that is why you need to know that you should be with me for a little while.

159. I am not aware that I am going to be away from you else I wouldn’t have started this in the first place.

160. I quit being alone cos I know how it feels to be apart from your baby. I miss you.

Romantic 2nd Monthsary Quotes for Her

161. I see how wonderful life has turn for me and it is all because of you my love. What would I have done without you by my side? You will always remain in my heart my darling. I love a lot.

162. I would have been a wanderer because I wouldn’t have found love elsewhere aside from your side.

163. I don’t think that I would have made it this far if you were not there for me all these while. I miss you dear

164. I would have been stocked somewhere in this relationship but you didn’t allow that to happen.

165. I really don’t know what to call you now cos you have succeeded in winning my heart within the range of one month and you have surprised me with that.

166. Honestly you are the brain behind this relationship and the reason why I have not told you is because you might not want to continue again.

167. I would do anything for you even if it means taking my life away from me forever. I miss you a lot.

168. You have sacrificed a lot as my boyfriend and it is making me to believe that you would be a good husband when the time comes.

169. Every sign you show me is making me to love you even more and more cos you are the best girl ever.

170. I don’t want to know how many people are not happy with the way I love you all I want them to say is that you have found your soulmate and I will remain happy forever.

171. You are tempting me to marry you now. I don’t care whether it is just a 2 months relationship, all I know is that you will make a greater wife than anyone has ever gotten.

172. I have been searching for you for a while now and thank God that I found you anyway even though you are absent.

173. I miss your love, care and affection. I wish to be in your arms again my darling. Happy 2nd monthsary to us darling.

174. I know that if I marry you today you will not change. Only within a month I can say how loving you are to me. I will love you till I die and that is a promise.

175. Hugs and kisses are just my little way to say that I love and miss you. I will still send them to you even while you are not around me.

176. The fact that I am too busy working to make a living doesn’t mean that I don’t have you in mind. The truth is that you are always on my mind and that is why I want to say I miss you.

177. I would want you to know that you made me happy within the 2ndmonth of our relationship. I miss you.

178. Whatever any man has done to you, I am here to make it up to you because you deserve a better man.

179. Our 2nd month relationship has been filled with fun, love and care and I really want that to continue between us cos I enjoyed it so much.

180. Even though it has been rough in this 2nd month, you have not allow us to go down at all because you have this relationship at heart.

Hot 2nd Monthsary Quotes for Him

181. I will keep searching for you over and over again if there is another world out there for us to come again.

182. The most amazing thing that has ever happened to me is the fact that I met you in the right way and you have loved me ever since we met.

183. You know that I am not ready for this so why didn’t you stay with me for a while?

184. Why haven’t you explained to me that you are going to be away from me for a long time before now?

185. I will soon surprise you too with my absence if you don’t come back to me as soon as possible.

186. You know that I am not happy with your absence right? Please show me your face again.

187. I have even forgotten the way you look again. Please come back to me and make me happy.

188. Happy 2nd monthsary of your absence. I don’t even know if you are still in or out but anyway I miss you.

189. Come to think of it, are we going to keep waiting for you to come back or I should come and see you?

190. I have decided to be happy and I don’t think even your absence can change that for me. I love you a lot.

191. You cannot be so happy when your partner is nowhere to be found. I am so angry that I am alone.

192. Look at me and how I have become so unhappy because of your absence dear. I miss you a lot darling.

193. I have not seen anything that is making me happier than you but your absence is taking that away from me.

194. I am not yet ready for this but I can see that you are happy without me there with you darling.

195. Even if I call you sweet names or pet names, it is because I am missing you and nothing else.

196. I have forgotten what happiness really is because you have refused to be back for my sake darling.

197. You know that I would love you if you stay here with me right? Please come back to me, darling.

198. Come to think of it, I am not really happy that you are not here with me yet.

199. I have gotten a lot from you and that is because you made it so. I miss you a lot darling. Happy 2nd monthsary dear.

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