6th Monthsary Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

6th Monthsary Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend


A sweet and amazing collection of 6th monthsary messages for him and her, always endeavour to let your partner know how much you love and care for them, relationships are meant to be nurtured so that the bond between you and your partner will grow with each passing day.

1. The truth of this matter is that we’ve both been hurt and have lost trust in others, but we never lost trust in each other because of the love between us.

2. I know that we are done trusting people for the hurt we encountered but I ask you to give me a chance as I give and show you love in its complete form.

3. I don’t ask for much, only for you to love me as I am and not to hurt me as I would not hurt you. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

4. Having you by my side has been the greatest achievement I have and that is because you are the gold I have. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

5. As we reach six months together today, I see that I do want to spend my life with you because I love you too much to lose you.

6. Having you on my side has convinced me that I really want to grow old together with you to the end of our time. I love you too much.

7. We have stayed together, after all, we went through and we are ready to take it to another level because we are seriously in love with each other.

8. You are my world and I am happy we never walked away from each other when we met earlier. I am happy to be with you.

9. Stay with me and let’s live and see the world together. Having you is all I had ever needed. Happy 6th monthsary to you dearest.

10. I will give you all you want from me and the kids I can, and I know, I can give you my love. Happy 6th month anniversary dear.

11. I know deep down inside that you will never break my heart or never let me down in any way. Thanks for coming into my heart.

12. I love you so very much my darling and it eases me to find out that you are the person I am involved with. You are so amazing, dear.

13. My love for you increases daily and it makes me happier to know that tomorrow is another day to love you more and more.

14. I want us to keep calm and just surprise those that thought that we could never end up together. I love you so tenderly.

15. I wish to have more of these months together and I pray that this relationship lasts forever. You are so amazing, dear.

16. Sometimes it may look as if we don’t trust each other but the truth is that you are the only one I trust with the whole of my heart.

17. I may not be perfect for you or even in the eyes of others but I can assure you that my love for you can fill up for those imperfections.

18. Thank you for loving and caring about me for this long. I wish to repay all your kindness in due course. You are so amazing, dear.

19. You took my breath away when I first saw you and I am glad that you have now kept me alive with your love and care. I love you.

20. I couldn’t think when you asked me out, I couldn’t respond when you when you first touched me because I felt a semi-god has come to my life.

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21. I floated in my dreams when you first kissed me and I had shivers all around my body because you got me finally. I love you.

22. Our bond of love has always grown our love together. I couldn’t have been luckier than I am now to have you.

23. Every second I am with you, I feel happy and the joy of having you in my life keeps me aware that you are there for me.

24. When you embrace me, I feel that our souls have become one because you are the best thing that has happened to me.

25. I will never stop loving you because you are the man I have always dreamed about having in my life from the time I was conceived.

26. I love you is the beginning of what I feel for you and I can tell that it will never change no matter what my darling. Happy 6th monthsary my love.

27. It may have been too short for us to fall in love but this time is enough for us to love each other till the end. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

28. Days like our monthsary makes our love for each other stronger and deeper. I wish that we can continue like this until the end.

29. You have been there for me holding on and making sure that I achieved all that I ever wanted. Thanks a lot, darling. I love you so much.

30. Whenever I wake up and see you around me, I feel that the world is more beautiful having you in it. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

31. If I ever hurt you and I didn’t take notice of it, please forgive me my darling. You are all that I desire. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

32. I call what is going on between us “communication” and this communication will last forever and ever because there is love amongst us.

33. You are my super crush and my wonderful partner. If you were not the person I started with, I would have been cheated.

34. I am so lucky that you are the person I ended up with because you are different good men all rolled into one. Thanks for loving me.

35. Sometimes I begin to think about the thoughtful gifts you kept buying for me and I realized that you are the best person I am looking for.

36. From the morning coffees to lunch outs, I think about you and all you are capable of doing in my name and I thank God for you in my life.

37. Our movements together make people wonder whether we are married already. Including our ride home and now.

38. Even going to the doctor together is another way of making people wonder if we are couples already and I like that anyway.

39. The attitudes that have been keeping our relationship strong all came from you. Thanks to my angel. Happy anniversary my dear.

40. My attitudes have brought this relationship down and now I am not ready to lose you because I really want to spend the rest of my life with you.

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41. As long as we love one another and we have one another then we will be able to overcome all the trials we come across in our relationship.

42. What we have in common and what we value in life has made our relationship to experience a lot of breakthroughs. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

43. Our relationship is on a solid and strong love and today we are fond of each other on a good friendship. I love you too much

44. Iloveyoubaby and that is all that matters to me now because I know that you are all that I desire to have forever. Happy 6th Monthsary

45. I pray that as we celebrate the 6th month of our relationship, we will also celebrate 60 more years of life together as couples.

46. It’s been 6wonderful and amazing months together and I am so lucky that I have you in my life forever. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

47. I am thankful that the love between us is only growing stronger. No matter what will happen between us, we will never fall.

48. Despite the fights, the sad and angry moments, we are still together for six months now. You are the best ever in my life.

49. What made us push aside the negative emotions was that we both love each other. Happy 6th monthsary to you my dear.

50. What is going on between us is very good and I want you to know that it is most important. I love you and happy 6th monthsary.

51. I have to admit, there are times when I don’t feel deserving of being loved by you, but thank God that I have you in my life.

52. I am so thankful that you came into my life and became such a huge part of me. What would I ever do without you in my life?

53. I am so sorry despite all the negative emotions I have made you felt about you, please forgive me, my lady. I love you, dear.

54. You still shower me with so much love even though I don’t deserve it at all. You are the most amazing person in my life.

55. I feel that this relationship we are in is getting mature and I am so lucky to have you in my life today and forever. I love you dearly.

56. Thank God that our relationship is awesome not the type of relationship that two secondary school kids would have. I love you.

57. We have this mutual understanding to share with each other and that is because we have you in our lives. I love to be yours my darling.

58. Now that we feel despite how it might hurt each other with our attitudes, we are still together, let’s celebrate our togetherness forever.

59. I want you to understand that I am always here for you and to always share with you everything you want me to. Have a wonderful day sweetie.

60. Our feelings and emotions matter a lot and I am glad that both of us put it into consideration. You are the best ever darling.

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61. I am sorry that at times I don’t tell you how I feel. The reason why I don’t tell you things is that I don’t want to burden you or hurt you.

62. Because I love you too much, to see you sad or have you became my punching bag is what I will regret forever. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

63. Despite all that I have done to you, you make me tell you how I feel and you love me and accept me no matter what I tell you.

64. Thank you so much for honouring to be my love for 6 months now. You are the best partner one can ever get. You are so amazing, dear.

65. You are all I want, all I need. I still haven’t seen anyone who can stand up to you where I place you. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

66. You are my whole, in fact, my entire world. Sweetie, you know I love you and I tell you every day to remind you. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

67. You will never know how much I love you because my love for you can’t be expressed in words. I want to wish you a happy 6th monthsary love.

68. I know I am not the best, but I will always be here for you if you let me and if you want me to. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

69. You are the first and last person I want in my life. I don’t want another person in my life no matter what happens between us darling.

70. We are like the best of friends and the deepest of lovers. I still haven’t seen anyone who has taken your place in my life yet.

71. You mean everything to me. Please stay by my side forever so that I will remain happier for the rest of my life.

72. All relationship is like that of Tom and Jerry show but ours is not like that because our love is greater than all that I have seen.

73. We irritate each other terribly but we can never live this life without one another and that is because of love.

74. You mean so much to me and I don’t think that another person can take your place in my life cos I love you too much.

75. You fill my head with the thoughts of you and your thoughts give me joy and happiness all the time my darling.

76. No one can ever be loved as much as I have loved you and that is because my love for you is real and genuine. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

77. I have decided to follow you and trust you and never trust another because I see light in you and your entire being.

78. You see me more often at my worse than at my best. I will never live you for another person cos you are my best ever.

79. Am so glad that every morning I wake up and think about you, I get good dreams of us getting married. I think you are about to propose to me.

80. Every night I dream about you, I see you in your real form and I am ready to take you to the altar now that we are 6 months old.

Romantic 6th Monthsary Quotes for Girlfriend

81. You are the cutest guy in the world and thank God that I have you in my life today and forever. I love you so much, my king.

82. my feelings for you multiple every day that I admit that I love you so much my heartbeat and I hope that you believe me.

83. You make me so happy and whenever I am with you I can’t help but smile and laugh. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

84. Anytime you see me staring at you even though I do that a lot, just know that you are the only person that makes me happier every day.

85. I know we have been through a lot, with us breaking up and stuff like that. But it was all a test and thank God that we passed them all.

86. All the test that we came across were all there to see if I really did like you or you really like me too. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

87. If I didn’t love you so much from the beginning of this relationship then we wouldn’t have been together right now.

88. The only reason why we are together in this is that we are stronger than the 1st couple of times we started. I love you so much.

89. I just want you to know that no matter what we go through I will always call, text, chat, and send messages to you.

90. I will always be here for you and I mean always. I hope we are always together in this forever and ever. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

91. This is not that 2 weeks we were in love with each other, this is different because this love is stronger than before.

92. It’s the actual feeling that we both have for each other that is keeping this relationship going and I am happy about that my darling.

93. The way you are always there for me makes me wonder if I ever need another person to be there for me again.

94. Another day, another month, another smile, another tear, another time, another joy has come again. Let’s celebrate it.

95. I never want to spend any time without you cos having you in my life is all I ever wanted now and forever my darling.

96. You are the most amazing person I have ever met. You always make sure that I am smiling, laughing, and having a good time.

97. When you are not around, you are all that i think about I have never felt this way about anyone in my life before.

98. I have never had second thoughts or regrets about us being together and I am glad that I really got someone like you in my life.

99. You have opened my eyes to love and true happiness. I have never been so certain of anything in my life like I am with us today.

100. Baby, I am glad that you came into my life. I love you and I love everything about you. Happy 6th monthsary to you dear.

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101. Those your magical eyes, the sound of your voice and your gentle touch makes me feel that you are the woman meant for me.

102. In these 6 months, small problems and arguments are unavoidable. But this doesn’t bring us to our separate ways or apart.

103. Instead of to quarrel, we understand each other more. Thanks for everything you have done for me my darling.

104. I don’t know what to say, but I just love the way you are and I don’t want to lose you. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

105. I have done the impossible, the super impossible 6th month with you my dear and I am really lucky to have you in my life.

106. Even I myself can’t believe it that we have gotten to this stage. You are all that I need forever and ever.

107. I promise to be by your side always and will never ever leave you alone. Happy 6th monthsary to you dear.

108. Though we had only walked just 6 months, but we didn’t expect we could walk till this long, yet we achieved it.

109. I really don’t know what to say here, I just want to tell you lots of things baby, and it’s just that I don’t know how to start.

110. I love you so much darling but didn’t I say that already during our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th monthsary? Happy monthsary dear.

111. It feels the same to me baby that I kept wishing you happy monthsary but I am hoping I would say the same until our 15th monthsary, 30th, 45th, 60th.

112. It is not the fact that I’m not able to tell you the things that I really want to say, but the feeling that no matter how much I write you letters, I still can’t love you less.

113. I still couldn’t get the right exact words to express how much I love you because words aren’t just enough.

114. Hopefully, baby, even if words aren’t enough, I would be able to show what I mean by the love I profess every day to you.

115. It feels like forever already in 6 months. Don’t get me wrong; I just mean that I want to be your husband by tomorrow if you permit me.

116. Some might say it’s too fast or very unrealistic, I don’t care though. All I want is to be with you forever and ever.

117. I am just typing whatever comes up on my mind and it’s up to you what you will think about it because I really mean it.

118. I could really express and tell you how much thankful I am and how much I love you, but only if you have the time to listen.

119. I just want you to know that I will love you now and even forever because you will always be in my heart.

120. It would take forever before all these problems we are facing goes away. So basically, you are with me in this till we fight it away.

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121. You are stuck with me for the rest of your life and I am so sorry about that. Though I am happier that we will get married soon.

122. You know that I am doing my best to be the girlfriend that you truly deserve. Happy 6th monthsary to my king.

123. Though life and love were unfair to us and more, we cannot give up cos we are strong together dear. I love you.

124. There is no other person that can take your p[lace in my life because you are like the perfect boyfriend ever

125. You are actually the best boyfriend I have come across but sadly, I am not even near to express that to you. I love you a lot darling.

126. I know that you do know that you are all I ever wanted, I just want to let you know that even if you are troublesome, I will still love you baby.

127. I definitely care about you and I hope that you are aware of that. I won’t do anything to hurt you intentionally.

128. One day baby, you will see that you are all that I desire in this life, and you won’t see problems again in this relationship because God is involved.

129. Let’s just hope we could be with each other for as long as we can because I really don’t want to lose you at all. I love you too much.

130. Don’t doubt my love for you any time I say that I love you because I really meant it. Happy 6th Monthsary to my king and I love you so much.

131. I am just a simple girl with a Big Dream and that big dream is to have you by my side for the rest of my life. I love you.

132. If you are going to act in a way that is not pleasing to me and this relationship, then I am ready to stop that because I want love to reign in this home.

133. I am a girl who used to live in many struggles in life, hardships, stress, trust issues, anger issues, because of my past experiences but you changed that about me.

134. My heart was broken before but you are not ready to see me angry ever again because you love me too much.

135. I just feel good and happier to share my happiness with you even to share my thoughts and joy with you is all that I ever needed.

136. You are all that I ever wanted in my life and no matter what will happen to me, I will forever love you till the end.

137. If all I need to have you in my life is to feed you with everything you desire, then I will gladly give you all that you want my lady. Happy 6th monthsary dear.

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