Funny Monthsary Message for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Funny Monthsary Message for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

In a Relationship, there are funny moments which make lovers laugh and stay happy, here we have compiled a list of funny monthsary messages to send to your lover to make them laugh, to keep them happy and to let them know you want to share every moment with them. funny love messages lighten the mood and make you and your lover smile, so don’t forget to send these funny messages to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. There were times that I thought that you and I were just playing around but I realized now that you were playing with me to be in love with me.

2. I don’t even know that you are the person that has made me this good until I asked myself for the second time. I love you.

3. When I met you, you had a runny nose and I actually wanted to insult you with it but you asked me out and I couldn’t anymore until now.

4. I can’t believe that I am in love with the most annoying being of my life. You need to tell me how you did it to me.

5. I couldn’t have gone this far if you have not been there for me, even though you are not what I wanted before now.

6. I used to think that you cannot be a better person but I accepted you and now I am so happy that you are mine now.

7. You have been so annoying lately and I have been managing you all these while. I am just joking, I actually meant the opposite.

8. Do you know that I am not in love with you as much I wanted? I want you to know that I love you a lot then you can imagine.

9. What is love when you cannot tell me that you are the person who stole my heart away from me? I am in love with you.

10. Let me know when you are ready to become a husband cos right now I am so much in love with my boyfriend.

11. My soul is been searching for my heart for a very long time now. Don’t you think you should return my heart to me now?

12. Do you have an idea of how much I have lost so many enemies because of you? Were you expecting me to say “how much I love you”?

13. I am so happy that I met you but I thought I would be excited instead but it’s okay to be happy to have you in my life anyway.

14. I was expecting you to be my enemy but you chose to be my friend and I wonder why. Maybe it because you love me a lot.

15. I cannot feel less than a girlfriend to you now because I feel that you are exactly what I want you to be in my life.

16. People are loving their girls very well but you are loving me like the chaff of rice. Where did they get you from my darling?

17. I got up this morning in search of where you came out from and I realized that I am actually in love with a village girl though she is pretty.

18. I am a dirty person but your coming into my life has made me clean and neat person. You are so amazing my dear.

19. How annoying you can be, oh…how maize… ah…. I meant to say how amazing you can be my darling. I love being around you, my king.

20. I actually need a doctor now cos I don’t understand why I am falling for you more than I wanted to. Don’t you think?

Funny Monthsary Message for Him

21. Do you know that your lips are sweet but your tongue is better? I was referring to myself sweetie, not you. I love you.

22. You have to tell me what you did to me that has made me such an amazing girl of my time. Thank GOD that I have you.

23. You have to tell me what you did to me that I cannot any longer breathe again. Do you want me to die before my time? I mean that I love you a lot that I can’t breathe anymore.

24. The sound of your name is making me go crazy, please can I start calling you something else? Cos I don’t want to go crazy loving you.

25. Your stubbornness is making me realize that I fall in love with the right person. I need someone like you to me smile.

26. I love you even though you are stubborn and annoying sometimes. My love for you will never stop no matter how stubborn you will ever

27. You know that I will never stop loving you if you don’t change but if you change, I will change too cos changing is allowed anyway.

28. How you chose you over every other person is what is disturbing me. Are you sure you are not planning to kidnap me?

29. Do you even think that we are supposed to be together? I think we are meant for each other darling girlfriend.

30. You don’t know what you mean to me until I tell you but I cannot tell you because I want you always around me forever.

31. It doesn’t have to be you and me alone though it will make us so much in love. I am really after becoming the best woman in your life.

32. You didn’t tell me that I have gotten someone that will trouble me. I love the way you trouble me a lot dear.

33. I will never stop loving you my darling and that is because of the way you make me feel all the time. You are sweet.

34. Your prayers have kept me going and I am so happy that you are there for me to cover me up with your prayers.

35. My home has been filled with your smiles and happiness. I wish that I have what it takes to be your husband.

36. My ears will soon start hurting me because of the regular calls I get from you. Don’t get me wrong, it is because you are so caring.

37. My eyes hurt now because I chat and see a lot of your messages. Is there a minute that I don’t see your messages?

38. I have been looking at you since do you know why? It is because I think you have been cursed to be caring and loving.

39. You have ruined my sadness and pain and have made my happiness and joy. What should I pay you back with?

40. You are the centre of corruption and that is because you have decided to over loving me more than your own self. That’s cheating.

Funny Monthsary Message for Her

41. Nothing matters to me than your smile. I live for it cos it gives me life, don’t even stop smiling. I love you.

42. Oh dear! I know that I annoy you a lot and you know how much I enjoyed annoying you on all these days. Forgive me.

43. I am rejoicing again now to think that I am still having the opportunity to have you in my life cos it’s lovely.

44. I never wanted to treat you right but I find myself doing it and I suspect that you are behind the reason why I do so.

45. Why did you vow to become a child of God? Why did you choose to love me this much? I am not worthy dear, please reduce it before I become mad.

46. The love that conquers all is what you give me to enjoy my lady. Are you sure that I deserve all that from you?

47. I have been able to count the number of times you have loved me but I have lost count now because you have loved me too much.

48. I don’t think that I am the person meant for you cos I know that I have done nothing to deserve your kindness.

49. I have been searching for just a good girl but God gave me a wonderful girl and I think that it is really too much for me to handle.

50. I am so happy that I have a troublesome darling like you in my life. I love being around you, my dear.

51. You are the most amazing person in my life and I cannot believe that I have you in my life. I love you, dear.

52. You said you will never be mine and today you accepted me and you are my girlfriend. Do you still want to go now?

53. You have not told me why you are still in love with me my darling. You are still here and you are not planning to live anytime soon.

54. I don’t need to thank you too much for accepting me because I know that you actually wanted me but you were pretending.

55. You are all that any man could ever want but I thank God that I am the man that got you finally.

56. Even if you were a womanizer, I would love you till you change cos I really can’t live without someone like you.

57. I have nothing to say to God but thank you for giving me this type of troublesome man as my boyfriend.

58. I just want you to know that I still love you even though you are so troublesome. You make me want to love you more.

59. Is loving you a criminal? Why do you act as if you don’t want me to do so? I think you are pretending.

60. Stop pretending that you hate me cos I see only live in your eyes. You are so amazing.

Funny Monthsary Message for Boyfriend Long Distance

61. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing that can ever make me stop loving you, not even your trouble.

62. I don’t know what you trying to do but I can assure you that all you are doing to me is making me love you more and more.

63. You sound as if you are far from me whereas you are somewhere close to me and I cannot just say anything else apart from ”I love you”

64. You are the man that I have always wanted and I really can’t live you for anything else cos you are sweet.

65. Even though people say your teeth are as dirty as the refuge, I will still love to kiss your lips till eternity.

66. Insult me if you like, I will not stop loving you no matter the situation I find myself. You have been so amazing, dear.

67. You can’t even imagine what you mean to me because I really love you more than your imagination dear.

68. You have changed my world and that doesn’t mean that you have changed me completely. Though I love you better now.

69. If love likes, let it disturb me, I will never allow another person to take your place in my life my darling.

70. You never can tell what I have become lately because I have changed completely because I met you.

71. Life wasn’t fair to me but when I met you, you changed me completely and made me believe that there is no one like you.

72. You know that you are behind my joy and success right? Don’t even think about living me cos I really don’t want to stop succeeding.

73. If you live me, I will die and if I notice you want to try living me, I will get hold of you and make sure you stay with me forever.

74. I don’t know why you are such an amazing girl to me, you never stop loving me even though you had few reasons to.

75. I have to stop all these attitudes of mine cos I don’t understand why I feel as if you are about to leave me.

76. You are the best man I have ever come across since the day I met you. You know that I would love to be your wife someday.

77. Do you know that I will never stop loving you? If you do, then why do you doubt my love for you?

78. I want you to know that you have not just try to love me but also succeeded to do it. I love you.

79. You do a lot of things in my life and they include: You calm my mood, you bring a smile to my face.

80. Even though I have spent some memories with you, some memories are yet to be fulfilled cos I want you to be my wife.

Sweet and Funny Monthsary Quotes for Girlfriend

81. I can’t do this alone baby, let’s do this together. I want us to be together now and forever cos I love you.

82. I used to be happy before I met you but now I am happier because you are part of my life. I love you.

83. I have triumphed because I got you as my woman. How happy you made me my darling. Happy monthsary to us darling.

84. The truth is that there is no difference between a fool and a wise man when it comes to love. I don’t mind being called a fool.

85. We look perfect together and all I can say is that I would love to be your wife someday cos you are amazing.

86. I found that it is love that has kept us together since and that is why I am still here with you today and forever.

87. I would go if you permit me to because you are the officer in command in this relationship. I will anything you say, darling.

88. You have everything that I have been searching for. Including the shape of your body, they are all part of it.

89. You cannot even tell me that you are what I have been looking for and I am here still searching for you elsewhere.

90. Now you have to tell me where you have been all these while, you made me search for you in all part of the world.

91. I want you to know that if you dare get missing, I will find you and beat you first for making me cry and suffer.

92. I don’t like sending messages but I want you to know that I will send thousands of messages if you desire cos I love you.

93. The truth is that I am beginning to ask myself a few questions about myself and I am beginning to think that I am insane because of you.

94. Anytime you show me love and care, I feel as if you are planning something against me cos it is rare to see someone like you.

95. Do you now see why I feel as if you are all that I want to be with? You have given me life after the one God gave me.

96. Sometimes I feel as if you are not real but though I console myself with the love you shower on me.

97. I love you a lot that you may not understand how I feel about you because you are all I want to be with.

98. You are my treasure and I was lucky to find the treasure, I dreamed about you (you) all of my life.

99. I don’t usually understand anything but I understand this love when I look at you, cos you are my understanding.

100. You are my treasure and I will keep this treasure and never give it to the bank because you are just for me.

Funny and Romantic Monthsary Quotes for Boyfriend

101. You are a professional thief and that is because you manage to steal my heart again and again. I love you a lot.

102. I am not a professional photographer, but I can picture us together because you are in my heart already.

103. I am really sorry I wasn’t part of your past, can I make it up by being in your future? I love you so much.

104. It is as if you are an interior decorator because when you walked into the room of my heart, you made it beautiful and perfect.

105. I want to remove something from your eye, oh… it is the twinkle that tells me that you are so much in love with me.

106. You are the woman that is so amazing and caring, I am so sorry for not telling you this before.

107. You ought to know how smart, cute, sweet, charming, alluring and wonderful you are. I didn’t know that I have influenced you that much.

108. Others are jealous of you and that is because you and I met and I am making you popular.

109. Meeting a cute guy like me is making people know more and more because I am really a celebrity.

110. Police are looking for a suspect who’s smart, sexy, witty and very gorgeous. Where do you think you will hide now?

111. I don’t even know that you are so smart like this until I tried you with questions of love and I see how smart you are.

112. When you feel that nobody loves you, that nobody cares when all you can do is cry. Remember that I love you a lot.

113. Our friendship means a lot to me, if you live me today, I will run mad. Happy monthsary to us darling.

114. Life without you would be meaningless. I can’t even imagine it. I love you babe and that will never stop.

115. I may not be the person you want but for me, I can never get enough of you my darling. I will love you until I die.

116. I love you, and I don’t mind your imperfections and all because they make you who you are and you are unique.

117. I don’t think you have been loved ever before. Let me love you, baby. I will love you in ways unimaginable cos I am the right man for you.

118. I think that our hearts are linked together and my heart beats in your sweetheart. I will love you forever.

119. Some people fear in their relationships but there is no fear in this love because we love each other.

120. I know that you may not know but the truth is that the love I have for you is in its purest form. I will cherish you forever.

Funny Monthsary Quotes for Husband

121. Your eyes are so sexy and attractive. I could get lost in your eyes. They see right to my soul. I love you, baby.

122. Your eyes tell the most beautiful love story of our lives and I am so proud to be part of your life.

123. Trust me when I say that I get rewarded by loving. Loving you is one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

124. What do you call what you are doing to me? This thing you are doing to my heart is becoming alarming o…

125. I have a question to ask you, how did you penetrate so deeply into my heart? I really feel loved by you.

126. I can’t think straight again baby. I am intoxicated by your love and though I enjoy being loved by you.

127. It is you I want today and always baby. You are enough for me and I am contented with you in my life.

128. No one else can take your place in my life cos I am satisfied with your love. I love you so much, darling.

129. If someone is trying to write our story, he or she will suffer because our love story will take forever to end.

130. I know that you must be wondering why I keep giving you so much attention. It is all because you deserve it, baby.

131. I am not perfect and I don’t expect you to be my heartbeat cos God made us the way we are. I love you just as you are.

132. You are a game changer and I love who I become when I am around you. You are your ability to be a game changer, my love.

133. You are all that I desire and I love you so much no matter what, I will love you till I die. Happy monthsary to us dear.

134. I will love you and even though more of the rough days ahead will come, I will love you more than anything that could come our way.

135. You are my everything in this life. My heart sings for you alone baby. I want to be your everything.

136. Hey… stop disturbing me o… I don’t know why you keep running around in my thoughts but I love it anyway.

137. You are better than all those women out there. You stand out from everything my lady and I love you a lot.

138. You are so different from everyone that has been in my life. You are special and I admire your presence in my life.

139. Ever since I met you, you have been on my mind. I can’t stop thinking about you. You are indeed special.

140. You smile in an extraordinary manner and your smile lights up my whole world. Please don’t live me.

Funny Monthsary Message for Wife

141. When you smile, I am satisfied. I don’t want you to ever stop smiling no matter what happens.

142. There are times you think you can ever stop me from loving you but the truth is that you can’t make me stop loving you.

143. No matter what you do to me, I will always be here, I will not even allow you to slip away from my hand cos I love you a lot.

144. Tell me where you actually came out from, I think you belong with angels’ baby cos you are far above a human.

145. I am so lucky you love me who is just a mere mortal. You are all that I ever desire in my life no matter what.

146. Do you know that your eyes are beautiful? They are and I get lost in the beauty of your eyes, cos they are lovely.

147. I really don’t even know what to say but my life feels so perfect right now and it is all because of you.

148. The way you make my life sweet is what I cannot say. Your laughter is incredibly beautiful and I love you so much.

149. Do you know what you have done for me? I just wanted you to know you are amazing and I love you a lot.

150. I want to be with you darling and I am already counting down to the minutes I get to be with you cos I really can’t wait.

151. The truth is that you are my favourite human on this side of life and I cannot do without you in my life.

152. I feel as if no need to put an end with you and around you. That’s why I can never leave you.

153. I didn’t believe in us before now but after I knew that there’s something they call soul mates. I knew that we are meant for each

154. I really want you to know that you are my soulmate and I will love you till the end no matter what.

155. You are such a unique man. What did I ever do to deserve you? How did I ever get so lucky to have you?

156. You are so beautiful and I wish I was your mirror so I could get the chance to look at you every morning.

157. If you permit me, I would really love to take our relationship to the next level baby cos I love you a lot darling.

158. I have been thinking a lot lately and seeing that I can’t live without you because you are the breathe I take in.

159. I want you to know that you are all that I desire to be with for the rest of my life, so baby, will you marry me?

160. I think about you every moment of my life and I have only just got up from the bed and you are on my mind already.

Funny Monthsary Message for Long Distance Relationship

161. I really want to know what you have done to me that I barely think about anyone else apart from you. I love to spend some time with

162. Even though you are thousands of miles away, you are right here in my heart because you are all that I want.

163. You have always told me that I am your heart, Listen to your heart baby cos I am asking you to be my wife today.

164. I enjoy the way you love and kiss me every day and so I wish that I was your pillow and teddy so I would get to be hugged and kissed by you every night. Happy monthsary dear.

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