Happy 1st Monthsary Messages for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

Happy 1st Monthsary Messages for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

The first month of a relationship could usually determine how successful such a relationship could be after all. It is the first 4 weeks of uncertainty and love. It is a special 30 days that shouldn’t go unappreciated. Make your first Monthsary a special and memorable one by sending your partner one of our sweetest Happy 1st Monthsary Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

200 Happy 1st Monthsary Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

1. You are the best thing that has happened to me and none of these girls can be compared to you dear. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

2. It doesn’t look as if we are dating, it actually looks as if we got married a month ago. Baby, you are still the girl I met a month ago.

3. If you were connected to me earlier, I am so sure that I would have made you my wife now. Happy 1st monthsary dearest.

4. I wonder why it took you time to come looking for me but anyway thank God you came finally. Happy 1st monthsary to my heartbeat.

5. You could have been taken away from me by another woman had it been I didn’t accept you when you. Thanks a lot for becoming my boyfriend.

6. You would not understand why I kept staring at you every time, it is because I have found the woman I have always wanted to have.

7. 1st month may look different and still young but I don’t see it that way. I see you as the only woman I love. Happy monthsary dear.

Happy 1st Monthsary Messages for Boyfriend & Girlfriend
Happy 1st Monthsary Messages for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

8. It is just a month old relationship but it is like a year’s relationship and I thank God for giving me someone like you.

9. There is actually no harm in trying, we have tried to date and for a month now, we want to continue dating. Thanks for this opportunity.

10. If not because you gave me this opportunity, what would I have done with you, you are so amazing and I love you so much.

11. Reasons to hate you has not been given to me yet so I dare not hate someone as cool as you. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

12. What would you ever do to me that will prompt me to hate a king like you? Nothing darling. I am in love with you dear.

13. I don’t think that there is ever something someone can ever tell me about you that will make me live you. I love you truly.

14. No amount of problems and challenges can chase me away from you cos I have found you in the position I want to find my woman.

15. I am just your boyfriend but you have taken me as your husband. Only you have I seen that does something of such.

16. Forgiveness is divine they say but you have the quality. Baby, if not because you kept forgiving me, this relationship wouldn’t have gone far.

17. I am happy that today is our 1st month anniversary and I am willing to spend a lot to keep our relationship going. You are sweet.

18. The way you use to do to me is something I have not experienced before. Thanks for accepting me to be your boyfriend.

19. You may be my boyfriend but the truth is that you are more than that to me and I am so much in love with you. Happy 1st monthsary my dear.

20. I have not known you for long yet I feel as if I have already. I feel that you are the man meant for me and I will be happy if that happens to me.

21. I will so happier if you are the person God has chosen to be my wife because you possess all the qualities of a good woman.

22. Nothing in this world can take your place in my life and that is an assurance I am here to give you. Happy 1st monthsary to us.

23. Some people say that we are too young to celebrate the anniversary but I think they are not aware that we are more than couples and we love each other a lot.

24. You have chosen me to be your partner and you didn’t live me in this journey alone. I am so sure that you are ready to go together with me.

25. Marriage may be 100 miles away from us but I am sure that this relationship is leading us directly to it and I am so excited.

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26. Ever since we met, I have not known sadness, pain or sorrow. You are the brain behind my happiness and joy. Thanks a lot.

27. You have not told me why you chose to be with me but I chose to be with you because I admire your beauty and you are attractive. I love you so much.

28. Love might be something we need to build on today but I don’t think that we need that in our relationship because you are so perfectly made.

29. I wouldn’t ask for too much and I am so sure that you will never allow any to take you away from me cos you know that I love you deeply.

30. I cannot allow you to be taken away from me because you are the secret of my good health. If you live me, I will die.

31. It may look deceiving but I really mean it when I say that I can really die for you no matter what happens. Happy 1st monthsary to us.

32. I wished I had the network of looking for you earlier, I would have done that cos I have missed a lot. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

33. How you allowed me to have you in my life for just one month is what I don’t understand my dear. I wish I met you long before now.

34. We are not moving the way I intended to make us move because you are the only reason why I am still single today.

35. I so much admire your existence and I wish that you came to my life a long time before today. I love you so much darling.

36. You are so annoying and I don’t want to ever see you again in my life. Did I scare you? I wanted to say that in the opposite form.

37. You could have married me if you had come my way a year before today. I will be expecting you to be my husband. I love you so much.

38. You know that you might have loosed me if you didn’t come my way before now cos I was about to take my own life before you approached.

39. You know that I wouldn’t be this happy if you had not come to my aid. Happy anniversary to my life saver and helper. I love you so much.

40. I want you to always remember that God created space in our fingers to always lock our fingers together in love. Happy 1st monthsary to my angel.

41. If I have chosen to love you, my dear, nothing can ever change that fact cos I truly love with the whole of my heart. I love you.

42. I want you to remember me every time, remember our good and bad times cos they teach us how to love perfectly.

43. Sweetheart, I want to live forever with you, because living with you is the nicest thing I can ever do to help myself completely.

44. I want to be with you forever, being in your smile, your laughter and your love is what I want to do all the time. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

45. Do not leave me ever for another thing that may be important than I am to you because I might not take it but to die. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

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46. We are just a month old my dear but I am so happy with you, infact I have never been so happy all my life. I love you so much dearest.

47. Your thoughts have captured my mind and you have my full attention already. I might run mad if you ever live me for someone else.

48. My love for you is so special and you are also so special to me. So it is not a mistake to love you with a special love because you are also special.

49. You are special to me and your love makes my love special and brings out the best in me. Happy 1st monthsary to you dearest.

50. Your love has captured my heart, and I can feel that without you in my life then every other thing is meaningless to me.

51. My love for you is meaningful and you may not understand it now because you have not reached the stage of the love I have for you yet.

52. Sweetheart, you are the soul of my life, I want you to always keep that in your heart as long as you live. I love you so much.

53. Baby you know that you are the seed of my soul and anything you want from me is what I will give you cos I love you so much.

54. Come take me in your arms to complete me with your love and kindness. Thanks for asking me out a month ago. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

55. I want to thank you specially for making me your girlfriend. I am so sure that so many girls would love to be like me.

56. I will never ask for too much from you because I know that I am working my way to be your wife in the future so why should I be heartless.

57. My mind is always filled with your thoughts, this is because I have never met a woman as loving and kind as you are. You are the best dear.

58. In my dream I always see you, because all I do is to think about you and feel you in my life forever. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

59. In my heart I always long for you and only you my love. Whoever is planning to take you away from me is playing with fire.

60. I miss your presence by my side, I feel as if I have made you my wife already and that you went to visit your mum now. Come to me darling cos I miss you a lot.

61. When I am away, I always feel like coming back to you so I can have a feel of our love again. You are the best ever in my life.

62. The day gets longer and the nights do not seem to end. I have always wanted to always have you by my side to be happier than before.

63. I miss you truly, madly, and deeply. When you return to me, I will never allow you to go away from me again. I love you and miss you a lot.

64. All I ever wanted was a loving and a caring heart to be my husband. Today I got you and I am so happy to cos you are exactly what I ever wanted.

65. All I ever wanted in my dreams is you, you always appear at the time I wanted and you don’t seem to live me at all. I love you so much.

66. Even if I am not supposed to be with anyone, I will tell the doctor that it is only with you that I can be well and cured. I love you.

67. You are the reason why I haven’t killed myself today and celebrating a monthsary with you. Thanks a lot my heartbeat.

68. You are my life and essence of my being, if you live me today, just consider that I will be no more. I love you and that is the truth.

69. You are the world to me and whenever you are not with me, I feel dejected and rejected. You are all that I need in my life dear.

70. Where have you been dear, I miss your voice, your smile and most importantly, your love. Come back to me before I go mad.

71. I don’t see any reason why I have to live you. You are the right person meant for me ever since I was born. Happy 1st monthsary dearest.

72. You still amaze me cos I kept asking myself what I did to you that made you to accept me. Thanks anyway for loving me so much.

73. The truth is that I never wanted to be your girlfriend but then I saw myself falling for you and I kept asking myself how it happened to me.

74. I want to know the name of the charm you used on me cos I don’t understand why I can no longer concentrate on any other thing apart from you.

75. You have every reason to be angry with me and I cannot say that I am not angry with myself either because I should have come to you before now.

76. Today is exactly a month ago since we became lovers. I need you in my life forever and I mean that now and forever.

77. The more you annoy me, the more I want to be yours forever and I don’t mind if you stay with me forever and ever. I love you.

78. If I was born a month ago, I would have asked God why because I would be loosing you to another person and you might be dating another person instead of me.

79. Even if you want to be my enemy, please allow me to love you till I die cos it will make me happier than the way I used to be.

80. You have given me peace and happiness and I don’t feel as if I still need anyone else apart from you. I love you so much.

81. If you are not the woman I was looking for then why did I fall you in this manner. I love you so much darling. Happy 1st monthsary.

82. If you are not the one then why does my heart does feels glad that I found you and the right person. Happy 1st monthsary fairest of all.

83. Even if you are not the person meant for me, I don’t mind having you in my life as my girlfriend. I am so happy to meet you.

84. It’s a new month sweetheart and it is our first monthsary in this relationship. You are the reason why I am in existence.

85. This month is a month where you will begin to know that our relationship is heading somewhere better and nicer. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

86. I pray that as we celebrate this 1st month of our relationship, may be remain in love and successful. I love you so much.

87. This month is a month of divine favour and breakthrough. No one can ever separate us. I am happy to announce to you that today is our 1st monthsary.

88. I can’t wait to celebrate you,as my wife for a year because you are the woman every man would love to have in his life. I love you.

89. Having a glorious month with you is all I desire and I am happy that we are celebrating our anniversary today. I love you no matter whatever happens.

90. I cannot thank you enough for choosing me out of all that came your way. Thanks for loving me this much. I love you so much my darling.

91. A sweetheart like you deserves nothing less than the best. I am glad that I got the best person in my life as my girlfriend. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

92. Whenever you want to pray, please pray that I get enough money to come and get married to you because I am also in need of you as my wife.

93. I am wishing you happiness in unimaginable ways, in this anniversary of ours. May you have enough to your satisfaction. Happy 1st monthsary love.

94. I wish that you gain fulfillment in all that you do. Because you have chosen me among all other girls, you will never suffer.

95. I pray for an outstanding success in all your endeavours. You will success exceedingly and we will be together forever. I love you so much.

96. Today marks a month in this relationship and I pray for an unending love between us. Our relationship shall be stronger than we expected.

97. God bless you darling for accepting me to be your boyfriend. You are not like other people who would just taste and go. I love you.

98. Having known you to be my girl for a month now, I wish to be your wife in the nearest future. You are my amazing king my heartbeat.

99. I am so amazed that you chose me among all other women, for this I pray that you achieve all you desire. I love my amazing hero.

100. Seeing a month as your boyfriend is actually a privilege for me that you granted to me. I am so thankful we made it as lovers.

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101. Sweetheart, you are the best person that has happened to me and I am so happy that I got you in my life instead of another person.

102. The fact that I am girlfriend has given me the opportunity to be among some celebrities. Thanks for becoming my man.

103. The basic thing that a man needs is to have a wife. I have a girl who I intend to make my wife. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

104. You are the only person who has succeeded to be patient with me and stay till the end of a month with me. Thanks a lot, darling.

105. I have attended many programmes, seen different girls and dated a lot but I have never met a sweet girl like you.

106. Sex is not the reason why I am here with you darling. I want to be with you for the rest of my life if you will permit me to.

107. I will not allow myself to be a fool to allow you to slip off my hand no matter what happens. You are so amazing dear.

108. I don’t believe that there is another girl out there who can be better than you. You are the best girl I have ever met.

109. You don’t have a duplicate and I am so sure that even if you do, he will never be as good and handsome as you are my darling.

110. I would love to be your husband cos anyone who is your husband has achieved a great treasure in his life. I love you my treasure.

111. Love has always been the language we understand in this home and I am glad that I have decided to be loving and caring forever.

112. Love is a language I am learning to understand, and with you, and in this journey of relationship. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

113. It has been a most pleasant experience, spending a month with you. You have been so amazing ever since we met. Happy 1st monthsary.

114. I am glad that it’s a new month and I am so happy that we are together in this journey of relationship. Happy 1st monthsary.

115. This marriage has given me a whole new opportunity to love you in the most special ways. Happy 1st monthsary my best friend.

116. May this month that we celebrate our first year anniversary bring us nothing but joy. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

117. Just a month may not mean anything to anyone but the fact is that I am happy that I could stay in this relationship for a month.

118. A month has just passed, I pray that we continue to be a happy lovers that even couples would emulate. I love you.

119. I love may sound familiar to you but I really mean it more than the people that you dated. I love you darling and happy 1st monthsary dear.

120. Love is the gift I have for you dear onthis day of our first month anniversary. In this month, I celebrate you as the man I love.

121. I have searched all over looking for peace of mind but now my search is over because I have found the person that will give me peace.

122. All the search I have decided to do can no longer continue because you have presented yourself for me. Thanks a lot dear.

123. I want you to know that you are worth having the best man on earth. Thank God that I have you. I love you.

124. I thank God that I have you. You are wonderful and worthy of me. I am blessed that I have you in my life. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

125. You reign in my life and I can promise you that no one can ever be as good as you in my life. Happy 1st monthsary dearest.

126. You have given me all that I desire and not even sex is missing in this relationship. I love you so much dearest and happy 1st monthsary.

127. I am here in your life because God sent me to love you the way you deserve. Happy 1st monthsary dear heartbeat.

128. I want you to enjoy this opportunity God has given us to love ourselves. God’s miracle started when we met. I love you dear.

129. Thank God I have you in my life. Please dear, touch me as you wish because I am all yours dear. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

130. Your strong hands has kept me standing and protected forever. All through this month, I was never hurt. Thanks a lot.

131. Sickness has found its way away from me and my body because you are the medicine that has kept me well and cured forever.

132. You are the only person I want in my life because of who you are in my life. Happy I am tohave you in my life as a boyfriend.

133. I am here with you and no matter what happens, I will never live you alone because I love being with you. Happy 1st monthsary love.

134. Come to me and touch me in the way you wish because you own my body. I want you to be mine forever. Happy 1st monthsary.

135. The hands you have used on me is so strong and it has kept me in love with you. I love you so much dear.

136. I love been cuddled in your arms for a longer time because you keep me safer than anyone can do. I love you.

137. You are kind, loving and admirable. I would never think about doing anything else without you because you are my heartbeat.

138. You make my life so beautiful and as you love yourself so do you love me. What more would I ask from my man aside from this.

139. What you have done for me has made me to love you forever more cos you are the best. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

140. It’s just a month and it feels as if it is already one year. It makes me feel that you are the best person that can become my wife in the future.

141. I want more of you dear sweetie. I can imagine what I can possibly do with you in my life. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

142. You have made my life so sweeter than I used to enjoy it. I want you all the time for the rest of my life. Happy 1st monthsary.

143. If the rest of my life goes on like the last month, then I am ready to take you home as my wife cos you are so wonderful.

144. I will die happily if you are the woman that I will marry. This is because you are ready to sacrifice anything for my sake.

145. If I decide to take this ride with you, it will be one heck of a ride, because I have the amazing man in my life.

146. I can’t picture living any other way because you have given me the life I want and I love you for that. Happy 1st monthsary.

147. Everyone says that you and I will make a beautiful couple and I believe it because you have given me peace and joy all throughout last month.

148. People kept saying that we look very happy together and I am so sure that we will not stop being happy.

149. My darling, I wish you a happy first monthsary. I hope that we celebrate more of our anniversaries together. I love you.

150. The key to our love never ends because the love we have for each other is too much. I love you so much darling.

151. We just have to be sincere from the beginning of this relationship so that it will take us to marriage. I would love to be your wife.

152. You have made me who I am today and that is why I am the luckiest man in the world. Thanks for all you have done for me.

153. I want to thank you specially for allowing me to have the pleasure to celebrate a monthsary with you. Thanks a lot dear.

154. I could have kept searching for a girl to be my woman if you had not accepted me to be in your life. Thanks a lot baby.

155. My life wouldn’t have been complete if you had not come to my rescue. I love you like never before. Happy 1st monthsary.

156. My search wouldn’t have ended, I would have continued searching over and over again, but you saved me by accepting to be mine forever.

157. I am so sure that there would never be no one even half like you out there because you are perfectly made for me. Happy 1st monthsary.

158. The few time we spent together is what is assuring me that I have gotten the woman I want in my life. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

159. The 43,800 minutes in one month that we have spent together has been wonderful and productive. I am happy to be part of your life.

160. I can never regret been your woman because you have made my life so beautiful. I love you and happy 1st monthsary to you my love.

161. Each and every single day of last month has been sweet and memorable. I will never forget someone like you no matter what.

162. I feel as if I am out of this world because you have been in my life.Your presence in my life makes me feel complete.

163. To be frank, I really can’t wait for the next 43,800 minutes to be with you again. You are my one in a million. Love you.

164. Happy 1st monthsary, my darling, your love for me has been better than the one I had before now. I love you.

165. There is nothing that can take me away from you because I really care about you so much. Happy monthsary dear.

166. Last month we spent together has been filled with fun, laughter, and plenty of love. I don’t want to love another man apart from you.

167. I am so sure that I am lucky enough to be able to say happy anniversary to you. I wish you will stay with me forever.

168. I want us to celebrate many more months of our relationship, because it will make me happier than I used to be. I love you darling.

169. I pray that we celebrate many more years as well because living without you is like a punishment. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

170. I must confess to you that you are the love of my life and nothing in this world can take your place in my life. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

171. I wish that we were married by now so that I would be expecting you to bear me children. Happy 1st monthsary.

172. To be frank, you are so sweet that I feel like we are couples by now. Being couples wouldn’t be bad you know. Happy 1st monthsary my love.

173. Our love is still as strong as before and even as the very first day we met. I love you so much that I can’t explain.

174. I pray that it remains just like that forever because the happiness we enjoy now will depart from us. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

175. The wicked people have been trying to stop this relationship but they couldn’t because our love is as strong as the rock. I love you so much.

176. Every time I move without you, my ex-boyfriend keeps following me to ask me out again but I don’t want to be with him again because I want you to enjoy what you have built in me.

177. The reasons why I kept having my ex following me is because you showed me that there is another part of life that is not bitter.

178. People never cease to amaze me, you don’t know how far this relationship has gone else you would think that we are married already.

179. People had married us already even before I propose to you because this relationship is an example for others to follow. Happy 1st monthsary.

180. I am so happy that the problems and challenges of life has not affected the love we both have for each. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

181. The type of children we will have when we get married will be peaceful and God fearing because those are the qualities you possess too.

182. I am grateful because you cooperated with me perfectly in the last month. Thanks a lot and happy1st monthsary love.

183. I remembered the first time I looked into your eyes and told you I wanted you to be mine. You were happy to accept me.

184. I saw something in your eyes the day we met that was very admiring and charming. I call it “LOVE” I love you and happy 1st monthsary.

185. I remember the smile on your face as you said I accept on the day you accepted. I love you darling, and I will never stop doing that. Happy 1st monthsary to us.

186. The only name I could give our love life ever since we met is everlasting because I hope it last forever. Happy 1st monthsary to you dear.

187. People thought that our relationship is a fairy tale, I will surprise them all when I finally ask you to be my wife.

188. Thank you so much for not letting me down. My life was almost ending when before you came to me. Thanks a lot darling.

189. I want to specially thank you for loving me till this moment, you are my one in a million my angel. Happy 1st monthsary.

190. First month may be too small to celebrate but to me, first month is the actual celebration of any relationship. Happy 1st monthsary love.

191. Thank you for everything you have done for me, I am not sure that I would have gotten here without you. I love you.

192. I have seen so many things that you have done for me that I haven’t thanked you for before today. Thanks so much and happy 1st monthsary.

193. Darling, you are so amazing and knowing you has never been a mistake at all. I love you so much and that is a promise.

194. I used to have dreams about you before I met you and I was so surprised that it appeared to be you finally. Happy 1st monthsary dear.

195. On our journey to become partners for life, I pray that we find something attractive on our bodies to continue this relationship.

196. Living you can never be an option to me cos I have really seen the woman I ever wanted in you. Happy anniversary dear.

197. The fact that I look desperate does not mean that I just want to be with you now but because I want you to be my wife forever. I love you.

198. I want you to feel at home each time you see me around me. You are all I ever want to see all the days of my life. I love you.

199. I have the key to ask youto be my wife but you have the ability to accept me or not. You chose to accept me my angel. Thanks a lot darling.

200. I have a message for you my darling. This message is from my heart and I mean it, “I LOVE YOU”. Happy 1st monthsary my angel.

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