Happy 5th Monthsary Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Happy 5th Monthsary Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

 best romantic 5th monthsary quotes for boyfriend and girlfriend, for one to spice your relationship use this sweet collection, I promise you your relationship will never remain the same, try out this quotes now and see the difference, these beautiful quotes is all you need to make him or her smile.

1. There are a thousand ways to appreciate a human but I have chosen this way to say thank you for choosing to be with me. Happy 5th monthsary to us darling.

2. I have achieved all I wanted to and I am grateful to you for making it possible to do so. I love you and your being in my life.

3. You wouldn’t have believed me if I had told you that you made m who I am today would you? I am so lucky to have you my darling.

4. You know all that you are doing and I am indeed happy that I have gotten you in my life. Thanks for loving me unconditionally.

5. Life has been so wonderful ever since we met and I am so happy that we met else I would have been miserable till today.

6. You know that the reason for one’s life is to be happy, I have been happy since you came into my life, I hope I have made you happy as well.

7. You have everything that every man would want from you and I am so lucky that I got all the goodies in you. Happy 5th monthsary my lady.

8. Of cos, you know that I have no reason to hate you and even if you give me the reason to do so, I won’t hate you because I had loved you already.

9. You know that life is a journey. We have started the journey and I am so lucky that I started mine with you in it. Happy 5th monthsary dearest.

10. Life would have been so damaging if you were not part of it. Thank God that I have a human like you in my life. What a wonderful person you are to me.

11. It is wonderful and excellent to have you in my life, how would I have done without you in my life? I am so pleased to have you here with me.

12. Some people are suffering in their relationship because there is no communication but I am so enjoying this one because, we laugh, play and even gist. Wow… am happy.

13. You have changed my entire world and I am entirely committed to you for all you have done for me. Happy 5th monthsary dear.

14. Life has never been easy but you made my life easy and nice when you found me. You are a simply amazing dear and I love you so much, darling.

15. You have every reason to be annoyed with me because you have all it takes to be so amazing and kind. Thank God that I have you. Happy monthsary.

16. You have the things that keep a man happy and comfortable and I don’t know where you got them from but I am sure that it suits you. Happy monthsary.

17. Because you have found pleasure in making me happy, I pray for you today that you also find happiness and joy anywhere you find yourself darling.

18. You know that I have gotten you by accident. I don’t deserve to be with someone as precious as you are in my life. Thanks for accepting to be mine.

19. Thank God that I am not a man, I would have missed the opportunity of being loved and treasured by you. Happy 5th monthsary my king.

20. Even if I keep searching my life, again and again, I know there would be no one even as half like you. Happy 5th monthsary my lady.

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21. I am in love with my life not because I am perfect but because I have you in it happy 5th monthsary.

22. I love you and am ready to live long, as long that you are by my side at all times happy 5th monthsary.

23. You are the nicest girlfriend I have ever had, I wonder what it will be like when you become my wife. Happy 5th monthsary sweetie.

24. I am sure you are thinking that am the nicest boyfriend ever, due to the I treated you nice in the past five month, don’t be fool by it, wait till you see the husband version of me.

25. It is rare to find someone who knows how to love unconditionally. I am lucky because I have found someone like you. I am sending you a kiss on this monthsary

26. Am going to file a case against you because, you are the most lovely, caring romantic boyfriend in the whole world. And I love you so much. Happy 5th monthsary.

27. Am so glad that we have spent another one more month together. Undo you are the most unromantic boyfriend in this world. But I’m equally sad because l love you, and I still have to spend another thousand months with you.

28. As long as I live, I will always love and cherish you, I will always hold you close to my heart, there will never be any reason to make you cry. Happy Monthsary.

29. Happy 5th Monthsary. Nothing can be compared to the happiness I am feeling inside of me for having someone like you in my life. Happy 5th monthsary.

30. Today is an awesome day to me because today make it actively 5 months since I found you and am glad we are still together. Happy 5th monthsary.

31. You want to thank you for being so cool and here with me because being with me it is the hardest thing anyone can ever think of doing. I am wishing you a very happy monthsary.

32. When I am with you, I feel special charm, like wanting to spend the rest of my life with you. And that has always been in my prayers.

33. My pray is for our love will flourish beyond what it is right now and live beyond life and death. Happy 5th monthsary.

34. You are the charger of my life, you always boot me up when am down. Happy Monthsary my darling.

35. Not even long distance can separate me from you, rather it makes my love for you to be even stronger than before. Happy 5th monthsary my sweetheart.

36. Anytime am closer to you I always have this feeling that our soul has become one because you and I always think alike. Happy 5th monthsary

37. Happy 5th monthsary my love. I have missed you so much can’t wait to see you again please come back soon and give me a hug.

38. I want you to know that this sacrifice we both are making it for an amazing future together. Am happy you are in it and I love you so much.

39. No matter what I am doing, all that comes to my head is you, I can’t stop thinking about you because you are the love of my life.

40. You don’t know how happy I am that we have completed another month together. I pray as we celebrate it, let the light of love never goes off in our lives. Happy 5th monthsary.

Happy 5th Monthsary Quotes

41. This opportunity that has been given to me to love you all through this time we have spent together, I will forever cherish and respect you. Happy monthsary.

42. Our love should not be measured by distance or by the length of the meter but in terms of our hearts. Because of our heartbeat as one. Happy 5th monthsary

43. You and I are always going to be the best pair who are made for each other. I love you. Happy 5th monthsary the queen of my heart.

44. Nothing can or will ever be able to separate us by heart and lessen our care for each other. Just I love you. Happy monthsary.

45. You will always be the best part of me in the rest of my life, and will always love you. Happy 5th monthsary.

46. I love you more than a Human being because you are so loving to be called a Human being. I can do anything to make you happy. Happy 5th monthsary.

47. We have just spent the 5th month in this relationship. I wish to spend another thousand more months with you, my dear boyfriend.

48. Thanks for coming into my life. I don’t remember any month of life which gave me this much happiness. Happy 5th mon

49. I will forever cherish every moment and day I spent with you, my love. Happy Monthsary to you darling.

50. You make me be the happiest girl in the world, and I cherish every moment I spend with you.

51. Happy 5th Monthsary. I don’t deserve this kind of love you are showing me, but am so excited that you are in my life, you are the best boyfriend ever.

52. Our love is like a tree planted by the riverside, as the water follows through it that how the tree keeps growing, as this month goes by again let our love grows stronger.

53. I am so happy to be your girlfriend, there are almost no men like you there in the world am glad you are mine. Happy 5th monthsary.

54. I thank you for those moments and times that we always shared together, it means a lot to me. Happy 5th monthsary sweetie

55. I can’t believe it that today we actually complete five months, time flies when am with you. Happy monthsary my love.

56. There are some precious moments in my life that I can never forget, those precious moments happened because you were there with me.

57. I don’t know the kind of charm you use on me that is making my heart to always be yearning for your love and care. Truth is that I am really into you.

58. The truth is that every second I am with you I feel complete and everything is working well. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

59. You mean the world to me, a day without you is like a breathtaking away. I love you so much.Happy monthsary to you.

60. When I first met you, I honestly didn’t know you were going to be this important to me, but am glad you are. Happy monthsary sweetheart.

Romantic Monthsary Message for Boyfriend

61. You make me feel like the luckiest guy in the world and you have shown me unbound love. I love you so much.

62. You are the only one I need. My whole world revolves around you, you are the best thing that has ever happen to me. Happy 5th monthsary.

63. Even if the world is not in support of you and I coming together, I don’t mind leaving this world just to be with you. Happy 5th monthsary.

64. The smile in your face always brings life to me, the beauty that comes with it like the sunset I don’t know what I will do without you without you in my world.

65. There is nothing that is as sweet as two heart that thinks alike, you and I are a perfect match. You are my better half. Happy 5th monthsary.

66. I always wish my dreams to come true, I sincerely can’t wait to have you as my wife. Happy monthsary.

67. Happy 5th monthsary. Am so grateful to God for making our part to cross, I have never been this happy in my life. I love you so much.

68. You are the only thing that is making to fight any situation that comes my way. I will never leave your site for a second. Happy monthsary love.

69. Anytime I remember your pretty face and I know I am already at war with the world. And I will always fight for our love.

70. I can’t just go away from you, since gravity keeps pulling us together, happy 5th monthsary.

71. I want to stay with you not as a girlfriend anymore but as your wife. I can’t stand the chance of losing you to another woman out there.

72. I am so happy that my dreams finally came true with you entering my life. You are the one I ever wanted in my life. Happy 5th monthsary sweetie.

73. The only time anyone can be able to stop me from loving you. Is for to come let me drop a tear in the river, and let them bring it out. That when I will stop loving you

74. All of me loves all of you, love all your perfect and imperfect, everything you do makes me happy. I love you so much, my dear boyfriend.

75. I never knew I could find someone that is as beautiful as you until I met you. I fell in love with you instantly. Happy 5th monthsary.

76. Something inside of me doesn’t want me to leave your site. And that thing is very strong, and I don’t intend to disobey it. Am sorry that I love you this much and
there is nothing you can do to stop me.

77. I found life in you that love is ready to carry till the end of time. Because I can never stop loving you my darling.

78. I will do everything to make sure you always still in my arms. Because I have faith in us. Happy 5th monthsary.

79. Am so happy that I found a boy that is so handsome and sweet, and I never knew you were the one waiting for me. You make me feel blessed.

80. I followed my heart and it leads me straight to you. And now am ready not just to be your boyfriend but to be your future partner. Happy monthsary.

Sweet Monthsary Quotes for Girlfriend

81. All I want is to be darling in the dark with you between my arms because darling you are so perfectly beautiful. Happy 5th monthsary.

82. Am so happy that I have found someone I can share my secret with and that person is you. I have faith in what I see in you.

83. Each time I look at you, I just smile to myself and think, ‘I certainly could not have done better. You are perfect the way you are. I love you, honey.

84. Each time I make a wish, I wish for us to be together forever. I know it will come true because you already live in my heart. I love you.

85. Don’t you go Away, I know, without your love, I will never find my way back home because of you and me so happy, make all our dreams of make believe reality.

86. I may not promise to be with you forever. I may not give you the world, I may not write your name on the sky, happy 5th monthsary

87. I may not be the perfect definition of what you want in a lover. But I promise you that I will love and remain true to you as we work on in life.

88. I love you more than the stars in the night even every day we fight my love will never change, even slight I just love you, I simply do.

89. Look at the computer keyboard, U and I were placed side by side. That’s how the alphabets should be arranged because my love will never cease to exist as long as it’s you and me.

90. Thank you for standing up for me and supporting me, even when the whole world is against me. Happy 5th monthsary dear.

91. Even after all these months, I can proudly say, my darling husband/ boyfriend, you are my hero. I love you so much.

92. Attraction brought us closer. Thank God that you were the person that attracted me. Love’s going to keep us that way, forever.

93. To survive, humans need air, food and water. I just need your hugs, smiles and kisses. I love you. Happy 5th monthsary dear.

94. If I only have one last breath, I would only use it to tell you that…I love you. Life for me means nothing without you, my sweetest one.

95. Thank you, my love! Without you, I would have never been what I am today, and I will be grateful for you forever, for you give me all the love one can possibly give.

96. I want to hold you very tight close to me. I want to be next to you every day, moment, and every night.

97. I always miss you when you are not close to me, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy 5th monthsary to us dear.

98. I am in love with you. Your love is my motivation. Without you, I cannot think how my life would be. Happy monthsary to us dear.

99. I am happy God gave me as an exceptional one as you are. I love you. I would rather be in your heart forever, than in your mind.

100. Thank God that I kept you in my heart since the heart will remember you forever. I love you, my dearest one. Happy 5th monthsary to us.

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101. I would give you the moon, the sun, and the stars if I could just to show you and prove to you how much I love you, my closest one.

102. I want to be by your side forever and show my love for you. If I have a chance to wish anything I want, I would wish I should love you until the end of my life.

103. I wish that we would grow older next to each other and that our deep love my last forever. I love your beautiful smile.

104. I do not know what to ask, all I want is that our love would last because you are one of a kind, I cannot ever get you off my mind. I love you.

105. Since we met, I felt that there is going to be something sweet and deep between us, and I hoped for it to last long.

105. Love is a miracle happening inside our hearts that no words can ever describe. I just wish that my heart will never forget you.

106. All I know is that you are the best thing that ever happened in my life. I do not know if dreams do ever come true.

107. Ever since I was born, I only know one thing. I love you more than anything else and there is nothing that can change that fact.

108. You have not changed a bit. You have always been the woman I have always wanted. Happy 5th monthsary to us.

109. The duty of love is to be amazing but you have beat it and you are simply amazing and forever will be. I love you.

110. I really want you to be aware that you are the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen and heart has ever felt. I love you.

111. Actually, I feel as if it is still early to meet awesome person like you. The way you have turned my life around make me want to marry you.

112. The way you have turned my life around with your smile is wow… Your smile is better than that of a flower.

113. I cannot wait for the day when you won’t have to take permission to do anything again cos you would be my husband by then.

114. You don’t have to feel you have to be prettier for me because I love you just the way you are. Happy 5th monthsary dear.

115. I asked God for a person that I can love and would love me in return and He gave mean angel. Thank God that I have you my darling.

116. I….. L..O…V…E….. You…… I really don’t know why I am stammering with those words. Maybe it is because it is heavy and I really mean them.

117. You are the best thing that ever happened in my life. Nothing in this world can take your place in my life cos you are mine already.

118. Because you have been the best thing that has happened to me, I can lend you my ears to listen to your pleas, my hand so you can hold you tight.

119. My feet will go with you anywhere you want, because I am already yours and everything I have it belong to you. Happy 5th monthsary to us darling.

120. Anytime I remember you in my life, I know that I have gotten everything I have ever needed and nothing can change.

Cute 5th Monthsary Quotes for Boyfriend

121. If God ever take you away from me, I would not only cry but I will challenge him for doing that to me. I love you so much darling.

122. If I have to know you completely, I would but I don’t need to because I have gotten everything I ever wanted in you.

123. Wonderful is the God who made you, see how you look beautiful and extraordinary. Thank God that I have you my angel.

124. Many times I tried to let you know that you have changed my world but you wouldn’t listen to me. You are all I want darling.

125. How many times do I have to tell you that no one is like you in my life? I appreciate the way you have helped me to achieve everything I ever needed.

126. Everything I have made me to believe that it all came from you because they only came to me when you showed yourself to me.

127. You are so sweet and awesome and I enjoy being around you now and always cos you make my life complete. Happy monthsary dear.

128. You know that life wouldn’t have been great without you in it and I am so lucky that I have you in my life. I love you.

129. You have every quality of a great man I am so pleased to be part of your history. I love you and happy 5th monthsary my king.

130. I am the luckiest woman on earth to have gotten you as my boyfriend. With you ,in my life I know that it is never impossible for me.

131. Even if I have to get married today, I would do so in a haste but only with you because you are all that I desire. I love my boo.

132. You have done what no one has done for me and I am entirely committed to this relationship because you have all that makes me happy.

133. Do you know that you have done what no one has done for me before? You have loved me and made me your princess. You are the best.

134. If I ever told you that you are the worst human on earth then be aware that I was only joking about it cos you are the opposite of that.

135. You are all that every woman would love to have in her life. Thank God that I have you my darling. You are so amazing sweetie.

136. It’s over between us, nothing will ever make me love you again. Did I scare you my darling? I was talking to the devil so he can live us alone. Happy 5th monthsary to my king.

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