Happy 8th Monthsary Quotes for Him and Her

Happy 8th Monthsary Quotes for Him and Her

An amazing, unique and beautiful collection of 8th monthsary quotes, love is wonderful and should always be nurtured so that the bond between you and your partner will get stronger with each passing day,  always endeavour to be there for your partner and love them unconditionally

1. I have not seen a woman like you before, all you do for me is to see me happy all the time. You are just perfect. Happy 8th monthsary darling.

2. The truth is that I have nothing to worry about when I have you, my angel. Happy 8th monthsary to us dear.

3. When I have you, what could have worried about? You are just everything I wanted to have dear. I am so happy I have you.

4. It is true that human has problems but you have been the solution to all my problems. Thank God that I have you.

5. All the blessing I got all came to me or located me cos you are with me. Thanks for being my baby. I love you so much.

6. I thought that I was going to die when my ex left me but when you came to me I realized that I am still strong and healthy. Baby, I love you.

7. I have nothing to compare myself to better men but you chose to be with me even though you saw nothing in me.

8. I have the most amazing man on earth and I don’t think another woman will experience this greatness I have experienced.

9. A lot of women want to have this type of beauty and men would love to have a queen like you as their own.

10. I don’t have a lot to say except that I am so grateful for everything and I want to also thank you so much for coming into my life.

11. I don’t want to ever lose you even though the only enemy I have now is fear and doubt. Please don’t ever live me for anyone else.

12. I know that you love me a lot and you will never allow another woman to come between us no matter what happens.

13. I have nothing to say to you but to let you know that I am so happy to have you in my life. Thanks for allowing me into your life.

14. The fact that some men were richer than I am, some were sweeter than I am, yet you accepted me surprises me a lot.

15. So many men out there cannot see me and even approach me because they know that I am covered by your wings.

16. You are the definition of love, and I am honoured to be with you. Thank God that I have you in my life. I love you so much.

17. Men are nothing compared to you cos you are more than ten thousand men on your own. Happy 8th monthsary my darling.

18. I am so happy that you didn’t become a cross for me to carry but became a wise man in my life. Happy 8th monthsary dear.

19. Heaven knows that I am blessed with a man that has wisdom that has no bounds cos you have me the happiest woman on earth.

20. I am indeed lucky my dear, I could barely remember any hurt of the past, you made all these possible for me my lady.

Happy Monthsary Quotes

21. You have automatically changed all hurts to joy in my life and I am so happy to have you in my life as mine forever.

22. I so much cherish and love the wonderful and beautiful relationship between us. You are the most wonderful person

23. You are a darling and an awesome teacher because you have taught me how to love again when I thought I couldn’t love again.

24. I feel as if your love is the blood pumping in my heart and without it, I might die. Please stay with me forever.

25. If not because I met you and fell in love with you, I never knew I can really be caring, loving and romantic again.

26. Thanks for not giving up on me, thanks for giving me the opportunity to love again. I love you beyond words.

27. Just as every woman needs a man; I needed you and I found you in the right place. How happy you have made me.

28. I needed a man to lean on when all strength is gone, you provided the shoulder for me to lean on. Thanks a lot, darling.

29. I need you so much more to stay alive. If you don’t make yourself available for me then consider me a died man.

30. I no longer see things the way they were because you have changed how I always look at situation especially during difficult moments.

31. You have done what no one has done for me before. You have made me believe in myself with your words of wisdom and encouragement.

32. You have told me to believe that everything is possible because there is nothing impossible in your dictionary.

33. If you were to be a doctor, then I will keep coming to you for a checkup even though there is nothing wrong with me.

34. The truth is that even If love were to be a drug, then I would be an addict because I am an addict of love already.

35. You are everything I think about; whether in the morning or night, all I keep doing is to think about you all the time.

36. Everything I want to do is to live this life for you. It is you I live for and for me to live is you, my love. Happy 8th monthsary dear.

37. It is just because of you that my life is full of wonderful and awesome things. You are everything a man wants to have.

38. My world is beautiful and wonderful, my days are awesome and my nights peaceful. Thanks for coming into my life my lady.

39. Honestly, my dreams are my reality today because of you. Because I have you, I could love again. I love you above all darling.

40. All I can say is “Thank You” for all the wonderful things you have done for me. I love you more than you know.

Monthsary Message for Boyfriend Long Distance

41. I am glad that I am I found you. I feel as if this is who I needed to be with. Happy 8th monthsary to us darling.

42. You must believe me when I say that you have possessed much more than what I could have ever imagined.

43. I want to wish you a happy 8th monthsary, let our relationship find peace, joy, happiness and love because God dwells in it.

44. God will never allow me to hurt you because you didn’t hurt me at all. You accepted me and made me human again. I love you.

45. You would not believe me if I tell you that your presence comes with joy and happiness that knows no bounds. I love you.

46. I will never choose anyone else when you are the only person that has given me joy and happiness. I love you so much, dear.

47. I am sure you won’t understand that you are the reason why I am still alive because you don’t believe me. Happy 8th monthsary to us.

48. It’s okay to be here for me all the time. As long as we are together always, nothing else matters. I love you tenderly.

49. I enjoy having you around me all the time because you are my solace when I need comfort. I love you so much.50. It an awesome and wonderful feeling to know that I have someone as much special as you, my lady.

51. You are such an understanding and supportive person and no one is as good as you are which I can always lean on all the time.

52. You made me know that I can cast my problems on you and even during my down times, you are always there for me.

53. The truth is that I am blessed to have you and I cherish every moment with you. I love you so much, darling.

54. Your love has made me be stammering because you have shown me that love is real and not fake. Happy 8th monthsary dear.

55. People believe that money is everything and it can solve or buy everything. But they are unaware that it cannot buy your love.

56. Each time I go through the hectic day, you always refresh me with your unconditional love. Happy 8th monthsary to us.

57. Ever since I met you, waking up on the wrong side of the bed has become a thing of the past. I love you a lot.

58. I woke up with the thought of you, my dearest. And every night, you are always the last thing on my mind.

59. Your care brought about sweetness in my life which I never experienced before and your love beautifies my heart.

60. All I can say is that I cherish you forever sweetheart. You know that I love you right? Happy 8th monthsary dear.

Romantic 8th Monthsary Message for Him

61. If I let this love fade away then I will be ungrateful to let it fade away because I have no shame and feeling but I do.

62. You care about me even when there was no reason to. You are my one in a million girl and I cherish you a lot.

63. I will spend my entire life cherishing and loving you because you gave me a lot more than that. I love you beyond words.

64. I have witnessed a lot of relationships that were good but mine has never been good until I met you who made me enjoy life to the fullest.

65. Loving you is the best thing I have ever done and it is all I have wanted to do my dear. Happy 8th monthsary dear.

66. You are the best gift I have ever received from God and that is because you are all that I ever needed. I love you so much.

67. Marriage was all that I wanted but when I met you, I knew that I needed to go through relationship first.

68. There is nothing on earth that can ever take your place in my life because you are just as perfect as I want you.

69. I am not picky and I am so glad that you are the person that located me at last. You are just perfect for me.

70. I know that you have been the saviour I have been waiting for and I am so glad that you came to me finally.

71. I was only a child when I decided that I would never love again but you made me a woman cos of the love you have for me.

72. You are so amazing and I really want to spend the rest of my life with you because you are all that I ever needed in my life to be complete.

73. I know that you are not ready to be married but I want you to be ready for it because I really want to make you my wife soon.

74. I better make you my bride soon before another man takes you away from me. You are so amazing, dearest.

75. It makes me feel as if I am getting married already and I feel as if I will be the luckiest woman on earth if you marry me.

76. I am ready to take you to the altar because I really don’t want to lose you at all. Happy 8th monthsary dearest.

77. I can go on and on forever until you are ready to make me your wife. You are such an amazing man dear.

78. If you are the person God has chosen for me, then I am so lucky because you are the best man on earth.

79. You have made me happier than I used to be and I am so grateful to have you in my life. Happy 8th monthsary dear.

80. I wish that all other men out there are like you because women like me would be lucky to have you in their lives.

Lovely 8th Monthsary Quotes for Girlfriend

81. The type of love I have for you is not fake but it’s a love that won’t depreciate but always appreciate. I love you.

82. You are my amazing king and God knows that I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy 8th monthsary dear.

83. You are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me and I am so happy to have you in my life.

84. With you, everything feels beautiful and perfect, my life is full of awesome memories. Happy 8th monthsary dear.

85. You have been so amazing and I indeed the luckiest dude to have you in his life forever and ever. I love you.

86. You cannot understand what is going on with me until I tell you. I wish to announce to you that I love you so much my darling.

87. I was not happy before I found you but when I found you I knew that I have accomplished everything I want to accomplish.

88. How lucky I am to find such a wonderful gift of love on my way to disappointment. Thank God that I found you on time.

89. I was actually ready to die until you showed up and chose me else I would have committed suicide.

90. 8th monthsary is not an easy task and I am so happy that we went through this together. I love to be yours forever.

91. You have shown me that life is not a bed of shame forever. Thanks for being there for me when I needed you most.

92. You are like a star that came into my life and turned my life around. I am happy that stars like you are still existing.

93. Like a sunflower that follows every movement of the sun, so I turn towards you to follow you, my love.

94. Anywhere you lead us to, there I would follow and make sure that I have you all to myself forever because you are so amazing.

95. You wouldn’t have loved me if I had not opened up my heart for you to be part of it. You are the best gift ever.

96. If I had not loved you from the beginning, I would have asked myself to tell me what I am to myself. I love you.

97. I would have been my own downfall if I had not accepted to be yours forever. I love you so much my darling.

98. Insincerity and honesty shall we follow to make sure that this relationship doesn’t come to an end. I love you, dear.

99. If you were like a sunflower, I would not allow the sun from outside, I would go to the sun and bring it closer to just you dear.

100. I have known happiness, peace and joy ever since I met you and I am so happy that I still have you in my life.

Sweet 8th Monthsary Quotes for Boyfriend

101. Any day, you plan to live me for another person, I will kill you, the person and stay alive to bear the pain of losing you completely.

102. I have nothing to fear rather than the fear of losing you, my lady. I will die if that happens to me, dear.

103. Life was never easy for me ever since I couldn’t manage a relationship but you made realize that they were the ones not managing
the relationship with me.

104. You have a lot of treasures inside you and only when you are ready to unleash them, will I be ready to receive them all.

105. You have thrown away the hate in you and has made me realize that love is the greatest of all. Happy 8th monthsary to us my lady.

106. I have a lot of goodness with me and I never knew until you came to my life and changed my life into something better.

107. You have opened my eyes to so many good things of life which made me a lucky person to have you my darling.

108. The type of people found on the surface of this earth is too bad to be compared to a loving and caring person like you.

109. How happy you have made me, and I promise to make you happy as well because with you I found happiness and joy.

110. Every time you gave me flowers, I save them and water them to be fresher than the way you gave me because I treasure you a lot.

111. You have chased away every bad person in my life and now even my enemies rejoice with me because of my victory. I love you so much.

112. You know that I was nothing when you accepted me, darling. Is that not enough to love you every day of my life?

113. I am so lucky that I have you in my life and I will never stop becoming happy that I have you until eternity.

114. I wish that God will allow marriage in heaven so that I can marry you even when we get to heaven. Happy 8th monthsary dear.

115. I want us to get married, my lady. I don’t want another man to take you away from me cos I adore your presence in my life.

116. You turned my life into something good and wonderful and I wish that I can forever remain with you cos you are wonderful.

116. I have every reason to thank God for the gift of you my love. You made me see just you and I am so happy about that.

117. I wouldn’t be happy if you didn’t accept me in the first place but thank God that you accepted me, my sweetheart.

118. You have made me so glad that I can no longer control my happiness at all. People have known the main reason for my joy.

119. All thanks to you for you have made me realize the difference between love and hate, light and darkness. I love you.

120. I was in darkness when I was with my ex but now I have seen the light because you surrounded me with your love and care. Happy 8th monthsary to us dear.


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