Long Distance Monthsary Messages

Long Distance Monthsary Messages

Most times long distance relationships are seen as stressful but here is the good news, the distance between you and your partner should not separate you instead it should be a proof of true love, commitment, bond and honesty that exists between you two, all the time spent away from each other makes you appreciate those rare, unique, special moments you get to share with them.

1. You may be far from me but that doesn’t mean that you are far from my heart my queen. I love you and happy monthsary to us.

2. Your absence doesn’t mean that I don’t have you in my mind. You are always loved and remembered by me my darling.

3. I shall continue to love and admire you cos you are all that gives me joy even in your absence. I love you, dearest.

4. You don’t even know the reason why I call every day, it is because I miss you and I am tired of missing you already.

5. You cannot imagine that people are now laughing at me because you are not here. They say you will not come back to me again.

6. I want to know whether you have decided to settle with another girl there cos I am really not happy about your absence.

7. Do you know that I am about to commit suicide? You better know because I am seriously tired of missing you. Happy monthsary to us.

8. People say that missing messages come from the female/girl of a particular relationship but it is not true because we also miss as well

9. As far as I am concerned, I am not going to keep missing you like this. The earlier you come back, the better for both of us.

10. If I send you an SMS now is because you are not what I want to talk to. You are what I want to chat with cos you refuse to come back
to me.

11. You have chosen to be with me because you are right about me. I love and miss people a lot and that includes you.

12. You have no idea what it is like to miss you here in this place. The earlier you come to be better for both of us. Happy monthsary to us.

13. You have not told me why you need to tell people that you are not coming again. Don’t you know that they will laugh at me?

14. Having known that you are all that I desire in my life. I have decided to let you know that I am seriously in love with you.

15. Even though missing you is the important thing I want to say, I still want you to know that I will still be here waiting for your arrival darling.

16. Do you that when the night breeze blows my hair, I imagined they are your kisses, and I never want to forget you at all.

17. I want to confess that when the morning light envelopes me, I imagine they are your embraces. I miss your hugs and kisses.

18. Being away from you is the hardest thing I have to do. I just can’t do a thing except to wait until your return. Happy monthsary dear.

19. You know even though your arms aren’t here to hold me but your love keeps me warm. I love you even in your absence.

20. I have to say that I miss you a lot darling. Your absence brings me a lot of pain but I will wait for you till you return.

Romantic Quotes for a Long Distance Relationship

21. I hate my job and that is because it makes me be far away from you. I wish that you are here already cos I miss you a lot.

22. When shall the birds sing, the flowers bloom and the stars shine? When shall we meet at again?cos I really miss you a lot.

23. Distance will never stop me from loving you my darling cos I love you that I will come to see you soon. I love you a lot.

24. Missing someone gets easier every day because you are always calling me and keeping in touch with me darling.

25. Even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will.

26. I sometimes think that you are with me but then I would remember that you are a far away from me. I love you.

27. This love message is what will continue to leave my phone every day until you return to me. you are so amazing my queen.

28. That day when I will see you again is very close and I can’t wait to be with you again. Happy monthsary to us dearest.

29. My love message to you will be to always pray for you as you forge your path on your journey through life.

30. I can’t wait already and I hope to see you soon. My love message should always keep you aware that I miss you a lot.

31. I will always love you and b there for you whether we are together or away from each other. I love you a lot.

32. I will not be angry with you and even though I know how very far apart we are, I will not still be angry with you.

33. I thought that I would be dead by now but it helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star. I love you.

34. I get happier when I remember that you will soon be here and when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby.

35. I don’t want to think that you are not with me darling and though it helps to think we are sleeping underneath the same big sky.

36. I hope that you know all the sad things like being far away, but we reminded that we are still together and still connected.

37. Listen and try not to cry cos I will soon be on my way to your place. Missing is never what I want to do at all. I love you.

38. I miss you darling but let this love message be my eyes and stare into your soul. You are the best boyfriend ever.

39. Even though I am far away from you, you always stood by me and took care of things on my behalf. Thanks for always standing in for me.

40. The long distance between us will never make me stop loving you, you are the perfect gift of God to me.

Long Distance Monthsary Message for Girlfriend

41. The truth is that your affection is the drive that propels me and I will never stop loving you even in your absence dear.

42. I just can’t wait to return from this trip and have you in my arms again. You are God’s blessing to me. I miss you too much darling.

43. I don’t cry because we have been separated by distance, and for a matter of years. Because you are always on my mind.

44. For as long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we are still together. You are so amazing, dear.

45. I don’t want to ever lose you darling cos you are so easy to be with and so hard to be without. Always missing you.

46. Hope these days when you will be apart from me will come to an end. Hope and pray to be together. Love you.

47. When you come back you will know that you are the owner of my heart cos I am still saving it for you darling.

48. Gold is tested in fire and something precious like love needs distance to be tested. I am still in love with you despite the distance.

49. We will be forever together and never really apart. Though you’re far away, you’re right here in my heart. I love you.

50. When you start to miss me remember; you were the one who made me cry, broke my heart, turned your back and left me alone.

51. Missing someone isn’t all about how long distance. It’s been since you last saw each other…I love you so much, dear.

52. Your love has truly grown in my heart and so you know, this life belongs to you and me. We will live together forever in oblivion.

53. I miss you a lot that I feel like seeing you before dawn. A date in our dreams, Goodnight, love. You are sweet.

54. The decision we have taken to be apart is not what I desire but we just have to be apart for a while.

55. I didn’t know that we could be apart this long else I wouldn’t have left you to go at all my darling.

56. Let me handle my way of missing you else I will lose it to madness. Baby come back tome on time.

57. Please come back to your senses and know that I don’t have anyone here that will cook for me and feed me as well.

58. Don’t you need me, darling? Why are you so adamant to stay apart from me for this long? I miss you a lot darling.

59. Without you, I will not be mentioned anywhere. Please come back to me to be recognized my darling.

60. Even though you are not around me, I feel as if you are and I will never stop loving you my darling.

Sweet Long Distance Monthsary Message for Boyfriend

61. You make me cry every day because you are not here with me. Please come stay with me so that we can be together.

62. Nothing can ever be as big as our love and I know that nobody will ever be like us cos we are so much in love with each other.

63. Nothing can ever stop me from loving you and I believe that you are so much in love with me as well.

64. If time allows me, I will come to see you by next week cos I miss you a lot my darling. I miss you.

65. I am safe because you are in love with me even in your absence. You are so amazing my king and I love you.

66. I have realized that you are still in my heart and I will not forget you in a hurry because you are my heartbeat.

67. You powered my life with so many smiles and a lot of laughter and even in your absence, I will not cease smiling.

68. Your absence will never make me stop loving you because I don’t see myself without you in my life.

69. Hold on to me there cos I will soon be there to bring you here for me. I hate being alone without you.

70. I hate to admit it but what can I possibly do sweetie? You are far from me and I really miss you a lot darling.

71. Although you are not here with me, I don’t want to know cos I keep feeling bad about your absence every day.

72. The moment you told me that you were living, I knew that it will take time before we meet again. I miss you.

73. You know this life would never be complete if you are not part of it. Please come back to me and make it perfect.

74. I would kill next time you live me again cos I am really not caught out for this far away relationship thing.

75. Why do you want to provoke me like this? Why don’t you want to come back to me? Don’t you know that I am still here?

76. Are you not missing me already? If you are not, I am already and I really don’t enjoy that at all. Come back, baby.

77. We never had any agreement that you were going like this, you just left. I am still waiting for your arrival darling.

78. I am sick and tired of your absence in this home. Come back to me and let me be happy once again my love.

79. I have no reason to tell anyone that I am done with you cos I am still here waiting for you to return from this long journey darling.

80. I know that I am not ready to be your wife yet but at least, let me know the man that wants to make me his wife soon.

Cute Long Distance Monthsary Quotes for Him

81. I won’t be happy if you don’t make yourself available here for me. I miss you a lot darling. Happy monthsary to us sweetie.

82. I wish that you are been punished as I am now so that you will feel how bad it is to miss someone like you, sweetie.

83. I have been searching for you and I found you but I never bargained for this long distance relationship at all.

84. You act as if I am happy with your stay there and me here. You better come else I will. I miss you a lot too bad for me.

85. Do you know that I have come back to my senses now? I am missing you now and I am not ready to continue it at all.

86. I have many things to tell you but until you come back, I won’t tell you a thing. I want to wish us a happy monthsary even in your absence dearie.

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